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4 Tips and Tricks for Awesome Toy Storage

September 3, 2018 | Family Life

Toy storage tips and tricks can save a parent’s sanity. They help cut down on clutter and can prevent problems like lost toys, crying children, or an overflowing toy closet. With the right storage ideas, you can transform a play area from being a chaotic no-go zone into a fun place for everyone.

Ready to tackle the toy clutter? Here are 4 toy storage solutions to make your life a little less chaotic.

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Choose the right toy storage bins

Storage bins are at the heart of awesome toy storage. They keep small toys like Legos and toy cars under control, and they make tidying up easier for both you and your kids. They can even create peace between siblings who share a bedroom, as they clearly separate each kid’s toys. Certain containers can belong to each kid, giving them a sense of ownership and privacy despite the shared space.

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When choosing storage boxes or bins, aim for small or medium-sized containers rather than large ones. Although giant toy boxes can look cute in the store, they’re often messy and difficult to use in practice. Nothing is organized, so if your child wants something in particular, the whole box has to be rummaged through or dumped out.

Small and medium-sized bins avoid this trouble by separating toys into manageable bits. They make finding toys easy (especially if they’re transparent), and they limit messiness since your child can only use one bin at a time.

They also help you notice which old toys are ready to be “retired,” as their containers are rarely touched. You won’t have to sort through an entire big box; you’ll just have a single small bin to deal with.

Buy furniture with built-in storage

One of the easiest ways to create extra storage space is to get furniture that’s multifunctional. For instance, you could get a storage bench for outdoor toys, which can also be used as a seat for putting on shoes. Or you could buy an ottoman with space inside for small toys like card games.

Even if your home is large enough to comfortably store all of your kids’ toys comfortably, multipurpose furniture can still come in handy. It allows your kids to keep their toys in spaces like the living room without compromising that room’s appearance. When the toys are put away, they’re completely hidden from view, so that the room can look peaceful.  

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Use empty wall space for storage

Even the best-organized play areas can start to feel cramped at some point. This feeling is especially common after birthdays or holidays like Christmas when a bunch of new toys suddenly join the space.

One way to deal with this onslaught of new toys is to pare down on unused toys. Anything that isn’t played with anymore gets donated or moved into long-term storage. However, this strategy only works if there are enough unused toys to free up significant space. If all the toys are still worth keeping, you can move on to Plan B: creating more storage for toys.

The easiest way to create extra storage is to put shelves on empty walls. Shelves fit nearly anywhere. You can put them down low or high up on the wall, depending on whether you want your younger kids to reach them or not. They’re also adaptable to different toys and ages.          

Storage carts are versatile and durable              

Storage carts are popular in schools and daycares—why not use them at home, too? They can invaluable for organizing homework, books, art supplies, stuffed animals, and anything else that gets used often. They’re super adaptable and kid-friendly. You can move them wherever your kids are playing, so tidying up is faster and easier.

A storage cart can also last for years. If you buy a stylish storage cart, you can use it later for yourself when your kids have outgrown their toys. For example, you could use it for serving and cleaning up food and drinks, or you could fill it with herbs, spices, and other kitchen staples.

Like the rest of these toy storage tips and tricks, the key is to choose items and strategies that work both now and in the future. Otherwise, you’ll need to rethink your toy storage every year as your kids grow up. It’s important to deal with the current chaos, but remember to think about the future, too.