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Declutter Your Student Storage Before Heading Back to School

August 10, 2015 | Storage Tips

Taming a dorm full of clutter can be a daunting task. But decluttering your student storage unit isn’t nearly so intimidating. Just think of it like you would a closet. Anyone can handle a closet, right?

Besides, after being away from the things that you didn’t think you could live without at the end of the last semester, you might discover they look a little less like treasure.

1. Brings Boxes and Bags

The key to any decluttering project is getting organized. Use the boxes for separating and organizing the things you decide to throw away or donate. If you were in a big hurry when you loaded up your student storage unit or your stuff is mixed up with other people’s stuff you’re sharing a storage unit with, now is the perfect time to sort things out.

2. Make 3 Piles

As you sort through your things, create three pile quickly and instinctively. No dilly-dallying or deep contemplation. Save the latter for a philosophy class, and keep in mind, you have three choices when you unload your storage unit: Keep, Toss, or Maybe.

If you have trouble getting rid of things for sentimental or other emotional reasons, we totally understand. That’s one reason self storage exists. But if you don’t want to keep footing the monthly bill for student storage, maybe you can ship these items home to mom and dad who can store them for you.

3. Clean and Organize

Once you have the things you plan to keep back in your dorm room or new apartment now is the time to dust off and clean the mini-fridge, microwave, and other kitchen related accessories that have been in storage all summer.

While you have a little breathing room before classes get rolling, starting the year off with everything clean and organized will get you on the path of productivity and help keep you stress-free for the months ahead.