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How Self Storage Can Help Amarillo Small Businesses

July 6, 2019 | Business Storage

Amarillo small businesses can significantly benefit from using off-site storage as part of their business plan. Though it may not be the first thing a business owner thinks of, self storage can help solve some of the problems that plague small businesses.

Many Amarillo small business owners understand that renting a storage unit can be a cost-effective way to increase supplies and inventory while keeping their office spaces well organized and productive.  In Amarillo, securing a self storage unit instead of expanding office space through commercial leasing can easily save hundreds of dollars per month.

As a business owner, you won’t have to worry about keeping your supplies safe and secure, since business storage units have excellent security features. They may be even more secure than your home or a downtown office!

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Self storage is a particularly good choice if your business may expand soon because it gives you maximum flexibility.

Unlike finding a larger office to rent, our Amarillo storage facilities won’t force you to commit to a long-term contract with penalties if you change your mind. Amarillo small businesses will appreciate our flexible monthly lease options.

Additionally, you can upgrade or downgrade your storage unit according to how your business grows. In other words, self storage can make running a small business much smoother and easier.

How These Amarillo Small Businesses Benefit from Self Storage


Online Sellers

If you run an Etsy shop or another online-based business, you might have a lot of products taking up space in your home or workshop. Perhaps you even have a limited amount of products you can sell due to space constraints. 

Self storage can solve these issues by expanding your space, both at home and for storing your products. If you’re dealing with a lot of orders, you can even use your self storage unit as an office away from home! Then, you can fulfill all the orders in peace without the chaos or distraction of home life.

Artists and Artisans

Many artists and artisans nowadays have to run two sides of their business: the online side and the physical side, where they’re interacting with customers in person. For example, if you create paintings, you might have gallery showings as well as an online shop.

If you design jewelry, you might regularly visit farmers’ markets to supplement your online income. If you’re a fashion designer, you might have runway shows and personal fittings next to your online collection. 

Running these two sides can be tricky when you’re short on space. By utilizing a self storage unit, your small businesses can manage both sides by organizing your unit into two sections: the online collection and the collection you plan to use for in-person events. With everything in one space, you can easily switch items around and reorganize as needed. 


Professional photoshoots can require a lot of equipment and space. If you’re running your photography business from home, finding enough space can be a real problem – especially if you’re sharing your home with kids.

Self storage can give you this space for a fraction of the cost of renting a studio. You can transform a self storage unit into a proper studio, use it to store your equipment, and/or retreat to it when you need quiet, productive time to edit your photos.

Seasonal Businesses 

Some small Amarillo businesses generate income for only part of the year. This is when off-site, secure storage is a great way to keep supplies safe and out of the way. For instance, if you sell holiday supplies like Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes, you might lease a pop-up store for a couple months a year.  

This business model can work great in conjunction with a website or online store if you want to continue selling products through the rest of the year. Though you may not get as many purchases during the off-season, you may get enough customers to cover the cost of a storage unit, further increasing profits.

Small Scale Publishers

Whether you’re starting a local publishing business, putting together a niche magazine, or self-publishing a book you wrote, you’ll have a surplus of materials as a publisher. Books and magazines can take up a tremendous amount of space, even on a small scale. 

Finding a safe place to store boxes of books or magazines can be difficult. Not only is paper is sensitive to humidity, but it’s also bulky. Too much humidity can cause mold, while too little humidity can cause the paper to get brittle.

Fluctuations in humidity can also affect the quality of books, as they expand and contract according to the weather. 

Fortunately, you can get climate-controlled storage units that can keep your publishing materials in top conditions. Many of our storage facilities in Amarillo offer climate-controlled storage – perfect for your Amarillo-based publishing business!

These are just a few Amarillo small businesses that can use self storage to maximize their business growth and profit. If your business is being cramped by space limitations or taking up too much room in your home, consider getting a storage unit to free up your work and life!

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