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16 Nov
Mother helping young child learn how to ski.
Family-Friendly Skiing Destinations Near Chicago
Family Life Travel Destinations Your Local Metro

Chicago locals love their delicious hot dogs, delectable deep-dish pizzas, world-class shopping, and arts and culture. But how do families enjoy the outdoors? While winters bring sub-zero temperatures, it creates ideal conditions for skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.   So thankfully, there are some great options for family-friendly skiing destinations near Chicago. There’s no disputing that Chicago...

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08 Nov
Entrepreneurs reading as a group
Entrepreneurship: 4 Inspirational Books to Read for Business Owners
Business Storage

By nature, entrepreneurs are innovative, creative, and above all else, risk-takers. Even so, there are some additional skills you need to be a successful and inspirational entrepreneur. From problem solving and collaboration to accepting failure, there’s plenty of opportunity for growth, no matter where you are in your business plan.  Whether you’re starting a new...

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02 Nov
guitar cases stacked against each other against the wall
How To Store a Guitar the Right Way
Storage Tips

Guitars are famous as symbols of coolness throughout most of the Western world and beyond. Despite their cool factor, they are still large instruments that can take up a lot of space in your home. If you won’t be bringing it out for a while, finding a good place to store it properly becomes very...

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31 Oct
Metro Self Storage Employee Wins Manager of the Year Award
Your Local Metro

We are excited to announce that Colin McHugh has won Mini Storage Messenger’s Manager of the Year Award. Colin is the Property Manager for Metro Self Storage in West Haven, Connecticut, and this outstanding achievement is a great honor to be awarded by an industry leader, Mini Storage Messenger (MSM).  Mini Storage Messenger (MSM) is...

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28 Oct
3 Ways Employees Can Reduce Workplace Stress
Business Storage Lifestyle

It’s been almost three years since a large percentage of America’s workforce started working from home due to COVID-19. Some workers were able to leave behind long commutes to the office and effectively reduce workplace stress. But for others working from home revealed a new set of challenges, especially for parents of school-aged children.  As...

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11 Oct
Young woman in cozy fall outfit.
Closet Essentials for a Cozy Winter Style

For many, saying goodbye to warmer days is tough. But fall and winter months bring visions of cozy sweaters and scarves, hot chocolate by the fire, and above all, comfort. But before you start investing in your winter closet essentials, our first tip is to take inventory of your winter wardrobe to find any gaps...

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