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09 Apr
Portrait of lovely young mixed race woman smiling and looking at camera, sitting on sofa at home stock photo
Let’s Get Organized! 5 Practical Tips to Simplify Your Life

Even though the groundhog didn’t see his shadow in early 2024, spring has officially arrived. Your home might feel stuffy and cluttered after the long winter months. So, what better time than now to get organized and start the new season with a clean home. April 26th marks “Get Organized Day,” which serves as a...

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09 Apr
Young Asian family with daughter holds carton and walking in to a new home in moving relocation day which Excited smiling and felling happy.
Moving to Minnesota? Eagan Ranks as One of the Best Places for Families   
Moving Storage Tips

Mention moving to Eagan, and you’ll probably get a raised eyebrow (or two!) and draw curiosity, especially if you’re moving away from a big Midwest city like Chicago or Wichita. You can expect questions like, “Where is Eagan? What’s so special about it? Why are you moving there?” Very few people know about this small...

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02 Apr
Half opened door into the modern cozy home interior
Preparing Your Vacation Home for Rent
Home Organization

If you’re one of the many savvy individuals who have invested in a slice of paradise, intending to turn it into a lucrative vacation rental, you’re in the right place. With the explosion of the sharing economy and the allure of personalized travel experiences, vacation rentals have become a hot commodity in the hospitality sector....

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28 Mar
Bouquet on a table in a kitchen.
Home Organization as the Seasons Change
Home Organization

 Say bye-bye to winter baggage and hello to home organization this Spring. From winter snow storms to flood watch alerts, we understand that in many parts of the country winters can be long and brutal. Oftentimes, rain showers dominate Springtime. As winter transitions into spring, transform your home to simplify your life and boost productivity. [...]

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19 Mar
A woman and her daughter in front of some windmills.
Let’s Celebrate Earth Day: 10 Easy Eco-Friendly Ideas For Sustainable Living

April is a special month when we celebrate Earth Day and take time to appreciate the beauty of our planet. It’s also a time to renew our commitment to protect and preserve it for future generations. In today’s world, where environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important, embracing eco-friendly practices is easier than ever. To help...

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12 Mar
Family at a patio
Budget-Friendly Tips to Upgrade Up Your Patio
Home Organization

Spring and summer weather are just around the corner, so it is time to consider backyard entertaining. Whether hanging out for a quiet evening with friends or inviting the kid’s soccer team over for a barbecue, upgrading your patio space is easier than you might think.  As summer approaches, it’s essential to create sun protection...

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