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29 Jul
Young boy sitting on father's shoulders while flying a kite.
Is Spring Hill, FL, a Great Place to Live?
Moving Your Local Metro

When deciding where to move to in Florida, there are several factors to consider starting with your budget and lifestyle. If you love sunny days and beautiful outdoor destinations, you’ll find Spring Hill, Florida, a great place to live. Location always plays a significant role when deciding where to call home, and choosing the best...

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19 Jul
Woman smiling and leaning against a box
Buying a New Home? 4 Things You Don’t Have to Worry About

The process of selling or buying a new home is the largest transaction most people will ever take part in, and it’s usually the most complex one as well. There are several tried and true ways to prepare a home to show in the best light possible and sell at the highest price.  But not...

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13 Jul
Rent Your Unit Online with Metro Self Storage
Storage Tips

People commonly turn to self storage during all types of life transitions, including moving, remodeling, and combining households. However, since facing a lifelong worth of belongings can be super stressful, it’s a relief to know renting a storage unit online offers a time-saving and convenient solution. When it comes to storing your belongings at a...

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05 Jul
luxury, updates kitchen with white cabinets
Renovation 101: Planning the Perfect DIY Project

Nowadays, everyone is all about saving money. While moving is the easiest way to start fresh, it’s not always feasible, especially with rent being so high. When your home is in need of updates or renovations, don’t be afraid to take on the task yourself. It may not be a fun project for most, but...

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28 Jun
a small apartment with modular shelving units
Make the Most of your Small New York Apartment
Storage Tips Your Local Metro

As the most populated city in the United States, it should come as no surprise that space comes at a premium in New York City. With over 8 million people calling The Big Apple their home, many lofts and apartments in the city are naturally compact in size in order to make room for everyone. ...

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21 Jun
anxious kitten peeking out behind basket
How to Make Moving with Your Cat Less Stressful  
Family Life Moving

Moving into a new home with a pet is an exciting time when you’re looking forward to new beginnings. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a pet rabbit, you’ll want to keep everyone happy and healthy along the way. Thankfully, there are specific things you can do to make moving with your cat...

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