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12 Oct
Snowbird couple embracing each other in front of RV.
Snowbird RV Destinations in Orlando to Escape Winter
Travel Destinations

As fall turns to winter, snowbirds looking to escape harsh winters of the northern US start dreaming about Florida’s blue skies and sunny beaches. The Sunshine State is the ideal snowbird RV destination, with Orlando ranking as one of the most popular places to visit.  Major north-south interstate highways stretching from the Canadian border to...

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05 Oct
Elderly couple holding hands while walking on the beach.
Snowbird Storage: Preparing to Fly the Coop
Storage Tips

Winter is just over the seasonal horizon, and snowbirds, those among us who skip out on the cold months to migrate to warmer climates for a season, are probably starting to pack their things. The excitement is mounting, and they’re looking forward to what warm winter has in store for them.  But before that, some...

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28 Sep
Park in Atlanta with the Atlanta skyline in the background.
5 Hip and Urban Luxury Atlanta Apartments

Whether you’re an urban professional ready to shorten your commute or an Atlanta local looking for your next cosmopolitan home, luxury Atlanta apartments are hard to beat. These communities put you in the center of vibrant and trendy neighborhoods filled with premium shops and restaurants and world-renown arts and culture institutions.  Today’s luxury Atlanta apartment...

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20 Sep
Dog laying on the floor in a sunny apartment
Top 5 Reasons Why Apartment Life Rocks
Family Life

Several reasons make apartment life more appealing than buying or renting a home. If you’re planning to move in less than two years, working remotely in a new city, or coping with a life transition, renting an apartment will give you the flexibility you need. As you start your apartment search, brainstorm a list of...

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08 Sep
Two students packing and moving out of a dorm.
Tips for Moving from the Dorms to an Apartment

For many college students, moving into a dorm as a freshman is an exciting milestone. While dorm life can feel like a fun, non-stop sleepover at first, the novelty of sleeping 5 feet apart from a stranger and using a community bathroom often wears off quickly.  If you’re ready to make the transition from living...

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01 Sep
girl in yellow shirt flexing arm in victory while holding a box.
8 Things To Buy For Your First Apartment

Planning any move involves a number of important steps that require you to manage several things simultaneously. But perhaps the most fun thing will be to figure out what to buy for your first apartment. Whether you’re moving out of a dorm or your parents’ house into your own place, this is an amazing opportunity...

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