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28 Nov
Happy friends gathered outside a tent
The Ultimate Winter Camping Gear Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts
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Summer’s over, and the days are getting shorter and colder, but autumn and winter are still a great time to go camping. Winter camping offers a lot of perks, too. It’s invigorating, and there are fewer crowds (and bugs!), giving you an opportunity to enjoy a different side of mother nature. Camping outdoors in the...

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21 Nov
A letterboard sign reads "Let our lives be full of thanks and giving," surrounded by knitted pumpkins and candles
Creating a Cozy Home: DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas
Home Organization Lifestyle

The fall months are a time of warmth and gratitude as you enter the holiday season. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the time to create the cozy ambiance you need to celebrate a time of giving. Whether you’re the one hosting the festivities or you just want to create comfort within your...

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21 Nov
Happy couple in winter gear holing up a key
Planning a DIY Move This Winter? Here’s How to Hire Movers
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If you’re planning a DIY move during winter, there are several things to consider to make the transition as stress-free as possible. The busiest time to move is May through September, primarily due to good weather conditions and families working around their children’s school schedule. However, moving during the off-season—winter through early spring— when there...

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14 Nov
Santa hiding a present
How to Hide Big (and Small) Christmas Presents from Clever Kids
Family Life

Knowing where and how to hide Christmas presents can be difficult if you have smart kids. They’re sharp enough to pick up on little clues, and they have enough time during the holidays to snoop out any poorly hidden gifts. Figuring out how to hide big Christmas presents from these dedicated, clever kids gets harder [...]

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10 Nov
A senior woman smiles as she serves turkey to her family at a Thanksgiving dinner
The Art of Hosting: Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Gathering
Family Life Lifestyle

The Art of Hosting: Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Gathering Thanksgiving is a time to cherish the company of friends and family alike. If it’s your turn to host the festivities, we’re here to help you plan a Thanksgiving party worthy of the amazing people in your life. From the preparations to decorations, we want...

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01 Nov
Skyline of Georgia in the fall
10 Georgia State Parks to Enjoy Stunning Fall Colors and Warmer Weather
Lifestyle Travel Destinations

Georgia is a great place to live no matter what time of year it is even though summer temperatures can sometimes be trying. However, something magical happens when Georgians feel autumn in the air. It’s time to pull out our favorite sweaters and head outdoors for the change of seasons. So whether you’re planning a...

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