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Boat Storage

Whether you love fishing on the bay or driving a motor boat, when it comes time to find winter boat storage or a place to store a boat between trips, options can be limited. If your garage is large enough for your boat and trailer, then you are fortunate to have a cheap boat storage solution. If you have extra outdoor space, neighbors may complain. Additionally, municipalities often have restrictions about parking oversized vehicles on city streets and in driveways as do neighborhood homeowner associations.

At Metro Self Storage, we understand that budget, convenience, and availability are all equally important considerations when deciding where to find boat storage. We offer affordable winter boat storage in cities and metropolitan areas that are in proximity to some of the most popular water sports and fishing destinations in America.

Metro boat storage customers enjoy wide, paved drive aisles and paved parking spaces to make trailering boats to and from our facilities hassle-free and expedient. Boat storage security features are designed for worry-free temporary or long-term storage, and access 365 days a year guarantees your watercraft will be ready to go whenever you are.



This is a common question a potential boat buyer asks before buying a boat. Especially, if you live in the northern United States where heavy rains and snow can add wear and tear to your boat during the off-season. Boat owners living in colder climates like Mound or Bloomington in Minnesota, are more likely to winterize their boats without fail. Storing boats ashore is also a common practice in states that experience several months of freezing temperatures.

When storing outdoors, boat owners who live in more temperate states such as Texas or Florida, can be caught off-guard when the weather forecasts predict hurricanes or other infrequent but potentially damaging weather patterns. While boat manufacturers offer winter boat storage tips, prepping your watercraft for winter storage is time-consuming and complicated. Larger dealerships will typically winterize your boat for a fee. Either way, be sure to consult your owner’s manual for the correct winterizing guidelines for your model.

Types of Boat Storage and Parking

Metro Self Storage offers customers clean, well-maintained facilities with excellent security features. Our outstanding customer service is recognized in the industry, and as an example, we are always happy to give our customers our best boat storage tips. With more than 40 years of storage industry experience, you can count on our knowledgeable and friendly team of storage professionals to help you. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Boat Storage Units:

Indoor boat storage can help protect your boat during the off-season. When it comes to storing a boat, both the size and height of the storage unit are equally important considerations. While heated boat storage costs more than outdoor covered boat storage, the cheapest storage option is outdoor parking. While Metro Self Storage offers one the largest selections of storage unit sizes and configurations in the industry, keep in mind that storage units are typically 8- to 10-feet high. As a result, large boats on trailers will not usually fit inside these standard units.

Boats that are over 50 feet long are considered yachts and will be amongst the least economical boat storage in any part of the country during the off-season. If you have more fishing gear or water ski equipment than you have room to store on your boat, consider renting a storage unit. Self storage units are an affordable option for all types of recreational, business, and household storage needs.

Boat Storage at Our Self Storage Facilities:

Many Metro Self Storage facilities offer a combination of outdoor and covered boat parking spaces, and some facilities offer indoor boat storage units or heated boat storage specifically designed to accommodate recreational vehicles of all sizes.

Outdoor parking is the cheapest boat storage option and ideal in mediterranean climates. In areas that receive snowfall throughout the winter months, indoor boat storage or covered boat storage are typically better options. Wherever you plan to store your boat, we always recommend to winterize your boat properly before winter begins, to invest in a high-quality canvas boat cover, and to measure the height, width, and length of your vehicle in advance.

Personal Watercraft Storage:

Jet skis, kayaks, and canoes are all great ways to explore rivers, lakes, bays, and estuaries. These types of personal watercraft are not only cheaper than motorized boats, but they also offer hours of water-related recreation and sports. Most jet skis will fit inside a 10X10 storage unit as well as your garage. The problem is that many of us either don’t have garages or lack the space to store an extra vehicle.

Metro Self Storage is your local resource when you need extra space. From householdbusiness, and recreational vehicle storage to moving and packing supplies, we help make life more manageable. We pride ourselves on creating relationship-driven facilities where people come first.


State-of-the-Art Security

Metro Self Storage facilities feature security systems to protect your watercraft while stored at one of our storage facilities. Security cameras are strategically located throughout the properties, and many of our storage locations have advanced security such as motion detection lighting and 24-hour security cameras and recorded video surveillance.

Easy, Drive-Up Access

Metro RV and boat storage facilities feature wide, paved drive aisles for easy maneuverability, and are located near lakes, rivers, bays, the ocean, and most importantly, your home.

Well-Lit Boat Storage

Metro boat storage locations feature quality illumination and as an enhanced security feature. We believe that well-lit recreational vehicle and boat storage areas help to protect your investment and ensure your peace of mind.

Secure Electronic Gate Access

Metro customers are given a unique access code to enter our storage facilities through an electronic gate keypad. At select locations, this code also activates an individually alarmed storage unit or boat storage area, which adds another layer of security.

Clean, Well-Maintained Boat Storage

We set the bar high—Metro storage facilities are clean, well-maintained, and ready to impress whenever you visit.

Resident Property Managers

At Metro, we value you and your belongings and put you first in everything we do. Many Metro Self Storage locations have property managers who live on the premises and care their facility as if it were their home.