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Climate Controlled Storage

There are many benefits to choosing a climate-controlled storage unit. Georgia is renown for its beautiful balmy summers, but temperatures can skyrocket and humidity can swelter. Norcross climate-controlled units are the perfect solution for many types of household and business storage needs as well as for storing items that can be damaged by extreme heat and humidity.

What types of items are typically stored in a climate-controlled unit in Norcross, Georgia?

Wood Furniture: Antique and wood furniture can crack and warp from expanding and contracting as temperatures swing from extreme hot to extreme cold.

Paper and Fabrics: Books, scrapbooks, photo albums, and heirloom clothing can yellow, fade, and disintegrate in extreme heat or cold.

Electronics: Extreme temperatures and humidity can damage delicate electronic components such as televisions, stereos, cameras, and more.

Special Collections: Things like stamps, taxidermy, comic books, and beanie babies are very susceptible to heat and humidity. Moreover, collectibles usually require a sizeable financial investment, except for the beanie babies of course, and are expected to be kept in “mint” condition to maintain their resale value.

We invite you to call and speak with our friendly property manager to discuss whether or not your items are good candidates for a Norcross climate-controlled storage unit.

Climate controlled units at Metro Self Storage in Norcross, GA