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23 May
The entrance to the Children’s Museum of Houston illuminated at night
The Best Museums Houston, TX, Has To Offer
Lifestyle Travel Destinations

Houston Loves Museums! With over 150 museums and cultural institutions in the Greater Houston area, museums are a large part of Houston’s cultural scene. Houston’s diverse museums, including the Lone Star Flight Museum, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, the Children’s Museum of Houston, and many more, cover everything from nature,...

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16 May
The skyline in Houston, TX, at sunset
What To Do on the Weekends in Houston, TX
Lifestyle Moving Travel Destinations

Whether you’re a first-timer just visiting or a Houston local, there are plenty of things to do in Houston for people of all ages. Famous for its large international community, growing art scene, and cultural diversity Houston is a large metropolitan area in Texas that extends down to the Galveston Bay. Take a stroll through...

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25 Apr
A couch sitting on the sidewalk with a sign that says “free”
Tips for Buying Secondhand Furniture
Family Life Lifestyle

When you’re decorating your home or apartment, finding the right furniture is a must to tie the room together and make the space yours. Often, this means long searches online or in stores for the perfect piece. However, anyone who’s been looking for a while will tell you: New furniture is expensive. If you’re looking...

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11 Apr
A person wearing plaid uses a paintbrush to give a wooden frame a coat of white paint.
How To Flip Furniture With Self Storage
Business Storage Lifestyle

One man’s trash could be your next treasure. Old, used, faded furniture can be found everywhere you look. Thrift stores are full of it, garage sales are bound to have a selection, and sometimes you can even get lucky and snag something left out by the side of the road.  While many may take one...

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22 Feb
Woman with glitter manicure holding a pink piggy bank
Why Affordable Self Storage Is the Best Storage
Business Storage Lifestyle Storage Tips

Toys are scattered across the living room floor; files and loose papers are strewn across a desk; boxes are piling up in any available corner. Sometimes when we’re overwhelmed by the amount of stuff piling up, it can be tempting to do a massive purge to get rid of belongings or upgrade to a bigger,...

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03 Jan
A woman sits on the floor sorting belongings into labeled boxes.
Decluttering for the New Year and Fighting Post-Holiday Depression

Nothing starts you off on the right foot like a fresh, clean space. The start of a new year is an opportunity to try something new, become someone you want to be, or officially get started toward a long-term goal.  With your New Year’s resolution in mind, it’s time to create the space in your...

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