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21 Jun
People dining outside a restaurant on Nicollet Mall Minneapolis MN
14 Reasons You Should Move to Minneapolis
Moving Travel Destinations Your Local Metro

Discover the charm of Minneapolis! Learn about its neighborhoods, thriving economy, cultural spots, and outdoor activities. Moving soon? Explore Metro Self Storage for your needs!

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21 May
Happy couple carrying a rolled up rug together
Why People Love Living in Naperville, IL
Lifestyle Moving

People love living in Naperville for its exceptional quality of life and vibrant community atmosphere. So it’s no wonder Naperville is recognized and ranked year after year as one of the best cities in America to settle down, raise a family, and retire. Naperville offers a fantastic quality of life with its unique blend of...

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07 May
Young couple man and woman looking satisfied sitting on the floor hugging during moving to new apartment unpacking boxes.
Discover Why Mount Laurel is NJ Residents Favorite
Lifestyle Moving

New Jersey is the new hotspot for millennials and job seekers embarking on the next phase of their journey. The city offers a high quality of life—according to a study conducted by WalletHub, New Jersey residents are the 5th happiest in the country. Hawaii ranks number two to give you an idea of the happiness...

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16 Apr
Chairs by the beach
Best Florida Cities To Buy a Vacation Home

Are you dreaming of owning a slice of paradise where palm trees sway in the breeze and the golden sun dances on clear blue waters? For many, owning a vacation home in Florida isn’t just a wish but a well-thought-out investment that promises a haven of relaxation, fun, and even secondary income. If you want...

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09 Apr
Young Asian family with daughter holds carton and walking in to a new home in moving relocation day which Excited smiling and felling happy.
Eagan, MN : The Top Family-Friendly Places
Moving Storage Tips

Mention moving to Eagan, and you’ll probably get a raised eyebrow (or two!) and draw curiosity, especially if you’re moving away from a big Midwest city like Chicago or Wichita. You can expect questions like, “Where is Eagan? What’s so special about it? Why are you moving there?” Very few people know about this small...

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05 Mar
A woman at her Florida balcony
Why Locals Love these Cities In Florida

Florida’s picturesque Gulf Coast lifestyle attracts people from all over the country who, once they visit, fall in love with the idea of moving here. And who can blame them? Cities like Tampa, St. Petersburg, Naples, and Fort Myers are among the top moving destinations in Florida. These cities are situated along Florida’s famed Gulf...

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