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23 Sep
Smiling woman canoeing while partner pushes canoe into the water behind her.
The 5 Most Fun Places to Retire in Minnesota
Moving Travel Destinations Your Local Metro

A successful retirement should be fun! While a small percentage of people plan to retire before age 60 (according to AARP), overall, we’re staying healthier and more active as we age, which is why thinking about fun places to retire should be part of everyone’s retirement planning process.  We explore the most fun places to...

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14 Sep
Couple sitting close together while looking at photos
The 6 Best Atlanta Metro Suburbs
Moving Travel Destinations Your Local Metro

If you’re planning to move to Atlanta and deciding between living in the city or the suburbs, there are plenty of reasons to opt for one of the Atlanta metro suburbs. After all, it is the country’s ninth largest metro area, with about 6 million people living in an area that comprises 28 counties and...

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30 Aug
Man cleaning deck of summer home in front of covered in-ground hot tub.
Tips for Closing Up Your Summer Home
Lifestyle Moving

Sadly, a summer of relaxation and fun has to come to an end. The kids are heading back to school, which means additional responsibilities you have to tend to around the house. Before you head back to your busy life, it’s crucial to close up your home for the summer, especially if you don’t plan...

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29 Jul
Young boy sitting on father's shoulders while flying a kite.
Is Spring Hill, FL, a Great Place to Live?
Moving Your Local Metro

When deciding where to move to in Florida, there are several factors to consider starting with your budget and lifestyle. If you love sunny days and beautiful outdoor destinations, you’ll find Spring Hill, Florida, a great place to live. Location always plays a significant role when deciding where to call home, and choosing the best...

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19 Jul
Woman smiling and leaning against a box
Buying a New Home? 4 Things You Don’t Have to Worry About

The process of selling or buying a new home is the largest transaction most people will ever take part in, and it’s usually the most complex one as well. There are several tried and true ways to prepare a home to show in the best light possible and sell at the highest price.  But not...

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21 Jun
anxious kitten peeking out behind basket
How to Make Moving with Your Cat Less Stressful  
Family Life Moving

Moving into a new home with a pet is an exciting time when you’re looking forward to new beginnings. Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a pet rabbit, you’ll want to keep everyone happy and healthy along the way. Thankfully, there are specific things you can do to make moving with your cat...

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