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30 May
A smiling businesswoman stands in a workspace holding a tablet
How These 5 Businesses Utilize Self Storage to Maximize Space
Business Storage

Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and operations managers would agree that change is the only constant thing in business. So if you’re wondering how your company can survive and thrive during economic ups and downs, one solution might be to utilize a temporary and affordable off-site storage solution.  The convenience and affordability of secure self storage make...

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11 Apr
A person wearing plaid uses a paintbrush to give a wooden frame a coat of white paint.
How To Flip Furniture With Self Storage
Business Storage Lifestyle

One man’s trash could be your next treasure. Old, used, faded furniture can be found everywhere you look. Thrift stores are full of it, garage sales are bound to have a selection, and sometimes you can even get lucky and snag something left out by the side of the road.  While many may take one...

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04 Apr
Two women work at a laptop in a small shop
Storage Facility Features To Enhance Your Business
Business Storage

When choosing to rent storage for business, excellence comes first. Any storage facility can offer a place to store your important items, so it’s essential to look at the facility features provided by the company. These features can be as standard as climate-controlled storage areas or as useful as a loading bay. As a business,...

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28 Mar
A Smiling woman faces the camera with her arms folded, wearing PPE
How To Lease a Commercial Space for Your Business
Business Storage

There are many industries that lease commercial space—tech, finance, health, media, law firms, and retail just to name a few. If you’re new to commercial leasing it’s essential to understand that entering into this type of lease agreement is more complicated than renting a house or an apartment. The first step is to identify properties...

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07 Mar
Employees carrying packed boxes full of headphones and binders through workspace.
How To Know if Your Growing Business Is Ready for an Office Upgrade
Business Storage

Is business booming? While an increase in business can mean so many incredible things for you, your company, and your employees, it can also present a new set of challenges—and one in particular is where to put everything. While a major increase in work staffing and equipment used to mean an inevitable need to move...

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22 Feb
Woman with glitter manicure holding a pink piggy bank
Why Affordable Self Storage Is the Best Storage
Business Storage Lifestyle Storage Tips

Toys are scattered across the living room floor; files and loose papers are strewn across a desk; boxes are piling up in any available corner. Sometimes when we’re overwhelmed by the amount of stuff piling up, it can be tempting to do a massive purge to get rid of belongings or upgrade to a bigger,...

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