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House decoration in the snow for a winter move.

Cooler Cities to Consider Moving To

January 3, 2024 | Lifestyle

Nothing sparks feelings of coziness more than finding a home within a winter wonderland. While many people prefer a warmer climate to call home, there is a certain charm to moving to a place that resembles that of your childhood snowglobe. However, finding the perfect snowy spot to settle in can be difficult.

As you decide which snowy city to move to, you’ll need to learn not only about the amount of snow each city gets but also how each city prepares and reacts to larger amounts of snowfall. In this blog post, our team at Metro Self Storage will enlighten you about some of the snowiest cities you can move to across the United States. 

Cities With the Most Snow

On average, the United States’ annual snowfall is between 28 to 30 inches. However, each state varies from one another in terms of average snowfall. For example, Vermont has the highest average amount of snow, while Hawaii has the lowest. If you want to move to a city that snows more, it’s important to look at states that have higher snowfall averages. Here are just a few cities with high amounts of yearly snowfall. 

Minneapolis, MN

If you’re looking for a wintry metropolis, there’s no better place to move than Minneapolis. In the 2022 to 2023 season, the Twin Cities averaged around 51.2 inches of snow, which is well above the national average. Since it’s obviously no fun to get all that snow unless you can get out and enjoy it, the city of Minneapolis aims to plow and offer drivable and open streets even in heavy snowfall. In addition to that, the state of Minnesota offers several online resources for residents to better prepare for heavier snowstorms.

Chicago, IL

Residential district in downtown Chicago on a winter day.

Do you desire a little less snow than what Minneapolis tends to get but still want the feeling of the big city? Then, your perfect home might be in Chicago, IL. While Chicago’s 37-inch snowfall average is less than Minneapolis’s, it’s still well above the national average and offers plenty of chances for the windy city to be transformed into a winter wonderland. Similar to other snowy cities, the city of Chicago offers valuable resources to help its residents prepare for the snow.

New York City, NY

It’s not just the windy city that offers a snowy metropolis. In fact, New York City is another famous spot known for its wintry atmosphere. With snowfall averages close to the national average of 29 to 30 inches, the biggest city in the United States is a snowy city dweller’s paradise. Nothing feels more like a Christmas movie than walking the streets of New York on a snowy day! Even in a big city such as New York City, the city government offers plenty of online resources and information for residents to utilize for snowstorm preparation. 

Brown Deer, WI

Are you looking for a winter wonderland in a smaller town instead of a big city? Look no further than Brown Deer, WI. With a yearly snowfall average of approximately 44 inches, well above the national average, you can find your cozy and comfortable home amid the wintry landscapes of small-town Wisconsin. In preparation for heavy amounts of snow, the city of Brown Deer states their snowplow schedule begins when two inches of snow has hit the ground.

West Haven, CT

Sitting at the national average of annual snowfall, West Haven, CT, sees around 29 inches of snow each year. Although it doesn’t offer the most snow in quantity, West Haven is a perfect median between a small town feel without straying too far from the urban landscape of New Haven. Along with other cities, plowing services and winter preparations are made by the city to better prepare residents for heavy doses of snow.

Tips for Moving to a Snowy City

Young couple standing in the snow with a key to their new home.

From busy cities to small towns, there’s no shortage of snowy destinations to call home in the United States. Once you decide where to move, it’s time to begin the packing and moving process. To help you in your endeavor, here are some tips and tricks to utilize in your winter move:

  • Keep your eye on the weather forecast.
  • Learn how to dress yourself and your family in layers.
  • Make sure you have the right supplies for the move.
  • Hire movers if needed.
  • Prepare or winterize your vehicles.
  • Make sure you have a first-aid kit ready.

A helpful tip to make your move easy is to rent a self storage unit. Putting your items into a storage unit before making the big move can save you a lot of time on moving day and allow you to unpack at your own pace. For even more creative ideas on optimizing your snowy move with self storage, visit our moving tips page. 

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