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Long shot of solar panels on Metro facility

Metro Self Storage Invests in Solar Energy

December 21, 2023 | Press Releases

Metro Self Storage began its journey into solar-powered energy in 2014 after acquiring two storage facilities in the Minneapolis, Minnesota market with rooftop solar panels. After learning the advantages of operating a large-scale rooftop solar installation, we began working on ways to develop and expand our solar programs and green initiatives across our portfolio of storage facilities. 

The Metro Green Initiative is our commitment to providing a better future for the environment, the communities we are in, our employees, and our customers. Through our rapidly growing solar panel programs, improved energy efficiency projects, tilt-up construction for development projects, and reduced water consumption, the Metro Green Initiative puts us on the pathway to reach our net zero energy consumption goal.

Industry Advocate for Solar Energy

Metro Self Storage facilities offer large-scale rooftops exposed to the sun, making them ideal for solar panels, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability.

“Initially, we looked at stores in states with favorable policies and incentives for solar power installations. After installing solar at several locations, we made it a priority to look at the feasibility of solar at all our current and future facilities,” said Nick Gerou, Chief Investment Officer of Metro Storage LLC.

In addition to the original two Minnesota solar-powered stores, Metro Self Storage currently has 19 solar projects completed, under construction, or under agreement. When all these projects are finalized, Metro estimates these installations along with existing solar projects will generate 1.1 million kWh of clean, renewable energy annually, accounting for 79% of our electrical consumption.

Benefits of Our Solar Programs

Electricity generated from solar power is beneficial to our communities in numerous ways. Solar panels do not contribute to greenhouse gasses, and because they harness energy from the sun, they are a renewable and inexhaustible source. By utilizing solar energy, we substantially reduce CO2 emissions. 

Aiming For Net Zero Energy

Net zero energy refers to a balance between the total energy a building or system consumes and the amount of renewable energy it generates on the building site. Metro Self Storage is working towards implementing best practices at our storage facilities to achieve net zero energy. Examples of ways buildings achieve this include installing solar panels, high-efficiency windows, energy-efficient HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, and insulation. 

On average, Metro Self Storage builds 2 to 3 new stores per year. Our construction projects incorporate green building practices that will help these facilities eventually achieve net zero energy

Sustainable Building Practices

Another example of green building is tilt-up construction, which reduces on-site construction waste, transportation costs, and can contribute to green building ratings. Check out a short video showing our new tilt-up construction method in real time at our Wall Township, NJ store. 

Tilt-up Construction: Tilt-up construction is a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious construction projects. The building’s concrete walls are created and cast onsite in a horizontal position before a crane elevates each panel in a planned sequence. Tilt-up construction keeps our new facilities at a steadier temperature, reducing the energy needed to cool or heat our self storage facilities.

Motion Sensor LED Lighting: Since 2021, all newly constructed Metro Self Storage facilities have motion-sensor LED lights or T8 lighting. Motion sensor LED lights are energy-efficient, consuming less electricity than fluorescent bulbs while providing better illumination. 

Efforts are underway to replace the fluorescent lighting fixtures in our older facilities with motion-sensor LED lighting, which turns on automatically when there is movement and automatically turns off after sensing no motion after a period of time. 

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling: Our newly built stores and those currently under construction have energy-efficient HVAC systems, which are designed with smart thermostats and variable speed technology for optimal energy performance and comfort. 

Water Conservation: Metro Self Storage currently has 89 stores providing 6.1 million rentable square feet across 12 states. We actively look for ways to reduce our water consumption and as a result, our storage facilities use the same amount of water as a single-family home. 

In summary, by making the switch to solar energy, many of our storage facilities will operate more sustainably with renewable energy and zero emissions, which contribute to the health and well-being of the planet and the communities we serve. As our commitment to clean energy practices grows, we look forward to continuing to provide a better future for the environment, our customers, and our employees. 

Powered By The Sun—Metro Self Storage Near You

Aerial view of Metro facility with solar panels

Metro Self Storage Solar Powered Facility 

Since opening our first storage facility in 1973, Metro Self Storage has grown to become one of the nation’s most respected storage providers by upholding an excellent reputation for providing outstanding customer service and building Class A storage facilities that feature the best amenities and are conveniently located.

We look forward to making a positive impact in the communities we serve as we continue our commitment to build and retrofit our storage facilities to be more environmentally sustainable. To learn more stop by your local Metro Self Storage facility, call us at 888-466-3876, or reserve your unit today with our easy online reservations.