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6 Family-Friendly Things to do in Woodbridge, NJ

August 19, 2021 | Family Life

Ideally located between Philadelphia and Manhattan, Woodbridge Township is home to several outstanding family-friendly destinations and landmarks, including 42 parks and 4 museums.

In addition, Woodbridge is centrally located between the Jersey Shore and Manhattan, so families who want to venture a little farther, can enjoy a fun weekend together in The Big Apple or along the Atlantic Coastline. 

With so much to offer right here at home, it’s easy to find family-friendly things to do in Woodbridge, NJ. Here are a few of our favorite, family-friendly destinations. 

1. Seaquest Woodbridge 

Woodbridge is home to Sequest, one of the world’s largest interactive aquariums and petting zoos. This family-friendly Woodbridge destination brings the majestic wonders of planet earth into one venue, creating an exciting outing close to home. 

The aquarium offers numerous programs and activities to explore throughout the year for the ultimate in land and sea adventures!  Visitors can travel through an Icelandic Fishing Village, an Amazon RainForest, the Egyptian Desert, the Great Wall of China, and more! 

Other activities include:

  • Snorkeling with stingrays.
  • Feeding otters.
  • Playing with Bengals cats.
  • Interacting with iguanas and bearded dragons (for the not too faint of heart!). 

Address: 250 Woodbridge Center Dr, Woodbridge Township, NJ

Phone: (732) 283-2945

Website: Seaquest Woodbridge, New Jersey

2. Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park

Image via Wikimedia Commons

The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park is located 10-minutes southwest of Woodbridge in the Menlo Park area of Edison in New Jersey. 

The museum first opened in 1938 to honor Edison’s life and his tremendous accomplishments, especially during the time he spent in Menlo Park, the location of the world’s first organized research and development laboratory.

Today, education for both children and adults is The Thomas Edison Center’s highest priority. The museum is a fun, family destination in large part due to Edison himself, who remains one of the most fascinating inventors in history.

While most know that Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, families enjoy learning about the intrepid inventor’s other discoveries that are still part of our modern way of living. 

Edison also invented batteries, motion pictures, telegraphs and telephones, a safety lamp for miners, and so much more! Don’t be confused if you hear the locals refer to this family-friendly destination near Woodbridge as the Thomas Edison Museum and Edison Memorial Tower—these all refer to The Thomas Edison Center.

Address: 37 Christie Street, Edison, NJ 

Phone: (732) 549-3299

Website: The Thomas Edison Center

3.  Woodbridge Community Center 

The Township is also home to a 115,000 Square foot sports and entertainment complex offering a myriad of programs and activities for children and adults of all ages. 

Centrally located off New Jersey’s major highways, the family-friendly community center is easy to access from all of Woodbridge’s 10 neighborhoods. 

Woodbridge Community Center amenities include a full-sized ice skating facility, a roller skating rink, an indoor swimming pool, a gymnasium, an expansive wellness center, a walking track, a computer lab, games and arcades, and meeting rooms.

Address: 600 Main Street, Woodbridge, New Jersey

Phone: 732-596-4000

Website: Woodbridge Community Center

4. Kidz Village

Kidz Village of Woodbridge is an indoor destination offering an escape from New Jersey’s cold and snowy winters. Kidz Village is designed for younger children who still need plenty of exercise and creative outlets but can’t keep up with bigger kids and adults outdoors. 

There are 12-themed spaces to keep kids busy for hours on end. These include a make-believe castle, 50’s style diner, and climbing gym, to name just a few. Parents can also reserve one of three birthday party rooms.

Address: 507 King Georges Road, in Woodbridge, NJ

Phone: (732) 826-8577

Website: Kidz Village

5. Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park 

Located at the Sewaren Peninsula in Woodbridge, NJ, the Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park (referred to as the Sewaren Waterfront Park by locals) is a 36-acre park that provides a beautiful recreation area for residents of Middlesex County and surrounding Townships. 

Additionally, Sewaren Waterfront Park offers a range of amenities, making it an ideal weekend or after-work destination. Jogging and walking trails, an amphitheater, a covered pavilion, and multiple playing fields for sports are all within walking distance from each other. 

The park is also highly rated as a favorite place for families thanks to its extensive playground and picnic areas that offer scenic views of the Staten Island Sound, where everyone enjoys watching boats pass. 

Address: Intersection of Cliff Road and Debra Place

Phone: (732) 745-3900

Website: Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park

6. Wolfe’s Pond Park

Located on Staten Island, Wolfe’s Pond Park is 8-miles from Woodbridge, making it a perfect play area for families who love to get outdoors. As Staten Island’s largest park, Wolfe’s Pond is home to beaches as well as plant and wildlife preserves. 

Woodbridge families will enjoy weekends exploring miles of trails for all skill levels that are ideal for biking, hiking, and climbing. On hot summer days, outdoor spray showers cool off crowds, and two playgrounds offer updated equipment to keep little ones entertained for hours. 

Address: 420 Cornelia Ave, Staten Island, NY 

Phone: (212) 639-9675

Website: Wolfe’s Pond Park

Keep Your Days in Woodbridge Stress-Free

There’s little doubt that Woodbridge is an exciting destination to explore with kids. So whether you already live here or are planning a move to Woodbridge, keep our list of family-friendly activities and outings handy for a fun weekend adventure. 

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