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The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Franklin, Tennessee

August 10, 2019 | Moving

Every so often, the upheaval of a big move rears its head in our lives. While the idea of packing up and moving to an unfamiliar town can be anxiety-inducing, it doesn’t have to be. The truth is, the act of moving is never an enjoyable experience, but you can minimize the stress and make the most of it through careful planning. And moving to Franklin, Tennessee is the kind of life decision that’ll pay out tenfold for you—it’s a historic town with 19th-century charm and plenty of stories to tell.

Founded in 1799, Franklin, Tennessee is typical of that old-fashioned and small Southern town. Its quaint downtown is situated only 21 miles from Nashville, making it a cost-effective place to settle down for many Tennesseans who want to be close to the charms of the big city.

A Planned Move is a Happy Move

It’s true—moving your belongings is stressful. The logistical details behind getting your stuff from point A to point B can sometimes feel insurmountable. But the best strategy is to adopt a proactive approach to your move. Schedule everything well ahead of time and do your research to ensure you’re going about it as efficiently as possible. A well-planned and efficient move isn’t just smart—it can even be easy! But what are the best options for getting your things where they need to go?

Rent a Moving Truck or Van

They’re a relatively inexpensive and straightforward means of moving your belongings. Ensure you make a reservation ahead of time, especially if you’re moving during the traditional moving season of late July/early August. Moving trucks are great resources for short moves and can even work for long-distance moves, provided you don’t have too much stuff and have a means of bringing your car along.

Reserve Freight Space

The big semi-trucks we see driving cross country are primarily moving consumer goods like televisions, cars, and appliances. However, they often have space which they rent out for consumer moves. You can reserve this space ahead of time and even tell them how much of the truck you think you’ll need. They’ll set up barriers between their standard cargo and your belongings before hitting the road. Freight moves are great if you have a whole house-load of stuff to move and want it to travel separately from you. Trucks are an expensive but convenient option.

Reserve Moving Pods

What are moving pods? They are the very same type of storage unit you may be renting out to store some of your extra belongings. Many of the most popular storage companies are making their units portable. You can order as many as you want and they’ll drop them off right in front of your house. Take your time packing them, and afterward, they’ll be picked up and transported to your destination. With moving pods, you get all of the convenience of freight moving at less of a cost. And unlike a truck, you get up to 3 days to pack a pod so you can pack at your convenience.

Reserve a Self Storage Unit

If you haven’t found a permanent residence in Franklin Park before you move, then renting a self storage unit could be the solution for you. Storage units in Franklin Park come in a wide variety of sizes and prices to meet your needs and your budget. Whether you’re moving from another state for employment or across town for cheaper rent there are many reasons self storage units come in handy.  Combining households after marriage can be a challenge if both the bride and groom have a lot of things.

Find upscale state-of-the-art storage in Franklin here.

The Weather in Franklin, Tennessee—What to Expect

Franklin’s weather is typical of the rest of Tennessee. The town is situated in the middle of the state, which means temperatures in Franklin follows the state average for much of the year.

An average winter in Franklin, Tennessee is relatively snow-free. However, the town suffers from cold and wet conditions through most of the winter. December is typically the rainiest month in Franklin. And the average chance of rain through winter hovers at 32%, which means every single day in winter has a 32% chance of seeing some rain! Watch out, Seattle, Franklin, Tennessee is giving you a run for your money! While Tennesseans may consider their winters cold, someone up North may balk at them. Winter temperatures generally hover around the 40s and 50s, with extremes dipping below 32.

Spring in Franklin, as well as most of Tennessee, sees much warmer temperatures, with an average in the high 70s. Rain continues to fall but at rates less than in the winter. In Spring, conditions are favorable for outdoor activities before the hot and sticky Southern summer rears its ugly head.

A Tennessee summer is nothing to be trifled with. It’s hot, muggy, and takes some getting used to. Longtime Southern residents know how to keep out of the sun and stay cool. Summer temperatures soar well into the 90s on most days, with high humidity to make it feel even hotter. But air conditioning is abundant down South, as are indoor activities to keep you entertained and out of the sun.

Franklin’s Fall season brings the weather back to manageable levels. And while you’re not going to get the crisp temperatures you see farther North, there’s still a feeling of tranquility that the season brings with it. Hayrides, corn, fresh pies, and other staples of Fall are always fun ways to spend a Fall day. And the lower temperatures will quickly make you forget about the heat of Summer. Just like Spring, you can expect temperatures to hover in the 70s for most of Fall.

The Cost of Living in Franklin, Tennessee

Because of its proximity to Nashville and Memphis, Franklin, Tennessee’s cost of living is almost 50% higher than the nationwide average and well over 50% higher than the state average. However, with a town like Franklin, you pay for what you get—a charming, small Southern time with ancient roots and easy access to the two largest cities in the state.

When you crunch the numbers, you might be surprised to see that most amenities are actually under the national and state average. What brings the cost-of-living in Franklin so high is the cost of housing, which is over 100% higher than the nationwide average. Sophisticated Victorian mansions and plantation houses don’t come cheap—expect the average house in Franklin to cost you $470,400.

Things to Do in Franklin, Tennessee

There is a lot to see and do in Franklin. It’s a great town with so many entertainment options that you’ll never find yourself wondering how you should spend a weekend.

SOAR Adventure Tower

Do you like to climb? Do heights thrill you? SOAR Adventure Tower is a state-of-the-art recreation facility that’ll let you climb and swing to your heart’s content. It even has an 18-hole mini-golf course!

Carter House

Franklin, Tennessee, is packed full of history. It was an integral hub during the Civil War, and much of that infrastructure still stands. Carter House is one such example—it’s a historic house that holds within its beams plenty of shocking Civil War history. If only walls could talk.

Timberland Park

It’s important to get outside once and a while. Fresh air and solitude help keep us healthy and at peace. Timberland Park is a wooded park full of hiking trails, picnic spots, and even a butterfly garden. It’s open year-round so that you can enjoy it through every season.

A Fresh Start Can Be Important—Make Sure It Starts Right

Moving is an important milestone in your life. It marks a time of new beginnings and allows you to leave your old troubles behind, where you can look back and appreciate them and remembering a different period of your life.

Take advantage of your big move and make sure it’s a positive experience through proper planning. If you do everything thoughtfully, then you have nothing to worry about. Franklin, Tennessee is an old town lush with history. Best of all, you’re close to two of the most culturally-rich cities in America. Soon enough, you’ll grow used to the hot summers, and you’ll get to say goodbye to snow for good. The South is a beautiful place to live and thrive. What are you waiting for?