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Toy Storage Ideas Your Kids Will Stick To

January 24, 2023 | Family Life

We’ve all been there: you spent the afternoon tidying up toys and asking the kids to put their toys away. And yet, by bedtime, the floors are littered with toys all over again and nothing is where it belongs. It seems to be a never-ending cycle of picking up toys and putting them away. It’s not hopeless, though! Finding ways to make it easy for kids to keep track of their stuff can save everyone a lot of headaches. Here are some helpful ways to organize and declutter so that kids can keep their rooms and play areas tidy with minimal help from you.

How to Organize a Toy Room

The main thing to keep in mind when organizing this space is making it quick and easy to clean up and organize your kids’ toys for yourself and your kids. Use furniture and systems that are at kids’ heights so that they can reach for things and put them away on their own. Additionally, be sure to utilize storage bins and containers that are lightweight and easy for kids to handle and lift.

Toy Storage Ideas for Toddlers

Toddler dumping toy blocks into a fabric bin

Young children tend to pull numerous toys out and don’t seem to notice that everything they own is on the floor all at once. Having all of their toys strewn about can be stressful for parents and a safety hazard for kids. Getting them to clean them up, though, can feel like a chore. However, there are ways to encourage toddlers to help with the task and keep toys organized by making clean-up feel like a game. 

Color Matching

Buy bins or baskets in three or four different colors. Ask kids to match the color of their toy to the bin it belongs in (ex: green truck goes in the green bin). If a toy is multi-colored, ask them to determine which color is most prominent and decide where it should go. This not only makes your toddler feel independent, but it’s a real-world learning opportunity that’s sure to bring a lot of joy, excitement, and enrichment.

Challenges and Counting

Rather than demanding kids pick up their toys, challenge them! Ask them how many toys they think they can pick up at once and carry. Encourage them to get all of their dolls into the same basket by the time you finish singing the ABCs. Or give them a chance to count the items they have while they put them away.

Toy Storage Ideas for Older Kids

Kids aged 6 and up might not be as easily swayed by a game or song when it comes to tidying up. However, there are ways to make their rooms more organized so that cleaning up becomes a regular habit rather than a chore that requires parental prodding. 

Utilize Baskets

Mother labeling toy bin on a modular shelf

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes. They can be placed on shelves, stacked in a line on the floor, shoved under beds, or even on top of dressers. These containers can be a great option for kids to quickly toss their books, clothes, video games, and stuffed animals into; tidying up takes next to no time! Baskets can be easily labeled to keep items organized, but are often opaque, so even if items are piled on top of each other, they aren’t visible and cluttering the room. 

Modular Storage

Modular shelves are a great way to store your kid’s stuff. Inexpensive cloth or plastic bins can function as drawers for kids to throw their clothes into, or the cubes can be used to contain their books, binders, shoes, video games, figurines, etc. The flat surface also allows this type of storage to also double as a bookshelf, tv stand, or shoe organizer. Cubes are easy to wipe clean and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different spaces. 

Under-the-Bed Storage

Some kids shove items under their bed and things can get super messy or even seem to disappear into the void down there. However, there are a variety of containers that can help them utilize that space well and avoid losing their favorite toys or needed books for school. For example, when the weather changes, encourage kids to fold up their winter clothes and hide them away under the bed. Not only will their closets have more space, but kids won’t be able to stuff any belongings under the bed since the containers will be in the way. Win-win!


Sometimes toys need to be tidied up, and sometimes they need to find a new home. After a few Christmases and birthdays roll around, items just seem to collect and there’s just not enough space to hold everything anymore. However, make sure that if you’re decluttering your child’s space that they’re included in the process. This will minimize the possibility of getting rid of beloved items and subsequent tantrums or breakdowns. 

One way to include them is to let them decide where the items should go. Should they be donated to a local charity? Do they want to give them to a friend or family member? Should they be stored as keepsakes to pass on to their children in the future? Asking these questions and letting them come to a conclusion can be a great way to include them. 

Another way to include kids in the decluttering process is to talk about the healthy atmosphere of a simplified space. Studies have shown that fewer toys in a room can actually contribute to a child’s development and a decluttered room can result in increased mental health. Having conversations like these could help encourage kids to become involved in and continue practicing tidy habits. 

Storing Items for Future Family Members

You might find that there are drawers and drawers filled with baby clothes that your toddler has outgrown. There’s no space for them in the house, but you’re not ready to get rid of them. Maybe you’ve attached sentimental value to them or you plan to have another little one in the future whom you want to save those clothes for! Storing these items in a storage unit could be a great way to free up some space in your home and keep your house clutter-free.


Chances are that there are some items in your home that are valuable, whether they’re baseball cards, mint-condition N64 games, or even some rare Pokémon cards. You’ll want to make sure that these items remain in good condition while they increase in their value. Storing these valuables in a storage unit like Metro Self Storage is an excellent option for hanging onto items that you cherish without them taking up space in your home.

Introduce Your Children to Self Storage at Metro

Figuring out organizational systems that work well for you and your family can free up space and make for a more harmonious home, free of clutter and excess toys scattered about. If your child has toys or other belongings they would like to save for their sibling or future children, why not bring them to your storage unit at Metro Self Storage? At Metro Self Storage, you can select a storage unit that’s perfect for everything you want to store from small storage units for a few toys or a large unit for overflow belongings from the entire family. Show your kids the convenience that storage can bring and rent a storage unit from a Metro Self Storage facility near you today!