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Interior of a loft apartment kitchen.

Sheepshead Bay: Simplify Apartment Living

July 7, 2017 | Moving

Big city apartments are usually high on costs and short on space, especially in terms of storage space such as closets and cabinets.  The trend towards smaller apartments in New York continues to gain popularity. Prefabricated in Brooklyn, New York, these modular micro-apartments range anywhere from 260 to 360 square feet. It’s no wonder many Brooklynites turn to Sheepshead Bay self storage to make their lives more manageable.

While the idea of living in a minute amount of space may come as a shock to most, for many New Yorkers, a self storage unit often serves as their second home because it provides the extra space people need to make living the apartment life in Brooklyn more enjoyable.

There was a day when people could escape Manhattan’s sky-high housing prices by moving to larger and more affordable Brooklyn apartments in Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay for example. But no longer. Apartment rental prices have soared over the past several years.

Sheepshead Bay Offers Big City Life with Ocean Breezes

A 45-minute subway ride from Midtown Manhattan, Sheepshead Bay is experiencing a mini-housing boom. Nearby, is Brighton Beach, which is home to colonies of tiny Brooklyn Bungalows and Coney Island.

Besides Sheepshead Bay, other neighborhoods with apartments for rent in Brooklyn include Dekalb Apartments in Fort Green, Brighton Beach in Coney Island, and Brooklyn Heights.

A stone’s throw from the Atlantic; Sheepshead Bay is the home of beautiful beaches, the Riegelmann Boardwalk, world famous amusement parks, and the New York Aquarium. It is no wonder that this top-rated Brooklyn Borough is where successful Brooklynites and New Yorkers want to live. However, the ever-growing population has caused the housing market to be extremely competitive in Brooklyn.

By reserving a Sheepshead Bay self storage unit, Brooklyn apartment dwellers can store seasonal items including bulky winter wardrobes and boots. Another popular storage item for the area is golf clubs, due to the proximity of Marine Park Golf Course on Flatbush Avenue.

Metro Self Storage in Sheepshead Bay offers super-handy storage 3×3 self storage lockers, which are budget friendly yet large enough for most seasonal items. Larger units are available for those who need more space or are moving to or from the area.

If you are sharing a household or recently married, putting family heirlooms or wedding gifts into temporary storage means you won’t have to get rid of items just because your current home does not have enough space to store everything that you want to keep.

Sheepshead Bay Self Storage is Ideal for Singles

One segment of New York’s growing population is singles, and with the number of single New Yorkers growing, the demand for Brooklyn apartments continues to increase. Even though new Sheepshead Bay self storage facilities are coming online to address the ongoing space shortages small and micro-housing is creating, storage rental rates are typically going to be much higher in Manhattan than they are in Brooklyn.

Thankfully, Metro Self Storage has opened a brand new state-of-the-art Brooklyn storage facility on Knapp Street near UA Sheepshead Bay Stadium14 IMAX & RPX Theaters.

Our Sheepshead Bay self storage facility offers a wide selection of convenient and secure storage options ranging from 5X5 to 10X30, and practically every size in between.

Whether you are living in a tiny Brooklyn studio or a sleekly designed glorified closet, chances are pretty high that the storage space you would love to have is lacking in your Brooklyn home. Reserve your Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn storage unit and choose the type of storage features you want for your Brooklyn business or household storage needs.