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RV parked, surrounded by snow and snow-covered trees.

How to Prepare Your RV for Storage in Chicago

September 25, 2015 | Storage Tips

Get Ready! Winter in Chicago is On its Way

Winterizing your RV for the winter is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are moving to or live in a colder part of the country like moving to Minneapolis or moving to Chicago find a suitable winter home for your vehicle before the mercury really starts to plummet.

If you’re lucky enough to have access to indoor climate-controlled RV storage, and can afford the fee, this type of facility will allow you to skip some of the winterizing steps and tasks that are typically required for RV winter storage in freezing temperatures.

One notch down is interior non-climate controlled RV storage, and after that, outdoor covered RV parking. Both of these types of storage will help to protect your vehicle’s roof and exterior. Last but not least is RV parking outside and unprotected.

Varying levels of winterization are required, depending on which storage option you choose. But protecting your RV throughout the bitter Midwest winters will ensure your rig is ready roll next spring and summer. We’ve put together a helpful list of tips to help you protect your RV while it’s being stored this winter.


Start by removing all food, even nonperishables and give the inside of your RV a detailed cleaning. You don’t want to leave anything in cabinets or cupboards that might attract insects or rodents. Anything canned or bottled could potentially freeze and explode.

Also remove sheets, pillows, and blankets to wash and store at home. Washing and waxing the exterior of your RV will remove and bugs and grime that could cake on even further and cause damage to your vehicles exterior surfaces.

Protect Your Tires

If storing your RV outdoors protect your tires from the damage sun can cause with ultraviolet-ray-resistant covers. Inflate each tire to the maximum cold pressure listed on the sidewall. If you are storing a motorhome, it’s also important to turn your RV’s tires to prevent flat spots on a monthly basis.

Check Seals

Regardless of where you are storing your Motorhome, be sure to reseal cracked seams as needed with the appropriate RV sealant. Check the seals on your windows, slides and roof to discourage moisture and pests from entering, which can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.


There are several things to consider when winterizing and preparing your RV for storage including batteries, ventilation, waterlines, sewer lines, and fuel system protection to name just a few. If this level of preparation sounds daunting, bring your motorhome to a local RV service team to help you prepare it for winter storage.

Whether you have an Airstream, Winnebago, or an Artic Fox, winterizing your vehicle will ensure it’s ready for your next RV travel adventure. To locate RV storage in your state go to Metro Self Storage and find out more about the types of vehicle storage options we offer in your city.