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Best Places To Live for Singles

February 6, 2024 | Lifestyle

A recent study from Zumper revealed the best cities for singles seeking love and begin a new chapter in life. In this guide, we’ll reveal the top destinations where single people are making their move based on contributing factors like the highest percentage of singles, vibrant entertainment and restaurant scenes per capita, low living costs, median one-bedroom rent, and highest dating satisfaction.

As storage pros, we know that home is where the heart is. Whether you’re looking to date or take the next step by moving in with a significant other, join us as we explore the best cities to live in. Find the perfect blend of romance and practicality in these sought-after destinations!

Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta metro area is home to around 5.8 million people, making it the ninth largest city in the country. Researchers observe continuous growth in the city, anticipating a substantial increase in population over the next two decades. With over half the residents renting, it’s no surprise that numerous trendy apartments have surfaced in the city to meet the needs of singles moving to Atlanta. Plus, with an average monthly rent of $1,342, these apartments offer affordability alongside style.

This lively city is filled with premier shops, popular restaurants, trendy hot spots, and famous arts and cultural institutions, providing a rich urban living experience. The city and its surrounding suburbs offer an abundance of diversions at affordable prices, including parks, museums, and beautiful green spaces like the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

So why are singles moving to Atlanta? The city’s appeal to singles is evident, with 57% of the population being unattached. Atlanta’s diverse activities provide opportunities for thrilling and romantic date nights, making it an attractive destination for those seeking companionship and fun.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, renowned for its snowy charm, stands out as one of the best cities for young professionals, singles, and retirees, boasting a welcoming community of just over 425,000 residents. The city and its surrounding suburbs offer affordability with a low cost of living and an average monthly rent of $1,159, making it an inviting and budget-friendly place to call home.

This city is filled with award-winning neighborhoods and stunning landscapes. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the outdoors at Lake Harriet Bandshell Park and Boom Island Park. Find cultural treasures at The Museum of Russian Art and Weisman Art Museum. The vibrant Riverfront District along the Mississippi River also offers a variety of activities, popular apartment communities, and trendy restaurants.

The fact that over half of Minneapolis’ population is single is easily understandable, given the city’s appeal to young adults with its abundance of colleges and universities. Notable schools such as the University of Minnesota, Augsburg University, and Dunwoody College of Technology contribute to the city’s dynamic surroundings. Minneapolis offers a vibrant mix of education, entertainment, and adventure, creating a welcoming atmosphere for residents.

Orlando, Florida

Downtown Orlando sign and city skyline at dusk with lights reflecting on the water.

Explore the lively city of Orlando, a desired destination for singles seeking love and a new experience. With a population of just over 300,000 and 51% being single, Orlando provides a plethora of exciting activities and people to meet. The affordability factor shines through with a median monthly rent of $1,346 for one-bedroom apartments, making it an accessible option for residents.

Beyond its renowned theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, the city offers opportunities for adventure at Camping World Stadium, Lake Eola Park, and Harry P Leu Gardens. Delight in the vibrant culinary scene with foodie hot spots such as Super Rico Colombian Restaurant and Bar, RusTeak Thornton Park, and Teak Neighborhood Grill. Orlando beckons with thrilling experiences and romantic possibilities!

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City lies in northeastern New Jersey, offering a scenic waterfront along the Hudson River, meeting Upper New York Bay. Liberty State Park provides stunning views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline. With nearly 290,000 residents, Jersey City is the second most populous city in New Jersey, and almost half of its population is single.

So why are so many singles moving to Jersey City, NJ? It’s ranked 14th on the list of Best Cities for Young Professionals in America, and with an average monthly rent of $1,611, it’s an affordable alternative to neighboring New York City. With charming streets filled with cozy family-owned restaurants, historical landmarks, museums, and parks, New Jersey promises a hopeful and vibrant living experience for singles looking for love.

Houston, Texas

Bird's eye view of Houston's Main Street Square at night.

Houston is a sprawling metropolis stretching to Galveston Bay and boasts a vibrant downtown area with the famous Houston Grand Opera in the Theater District. The Historic District showcases picturesque 19th-century architecture, and the streets are lined with upscale dining options. With nearly 2.3 million residents, half of them single, Houston is popular for its low cost of living, which is 8% lower than the national average.

Boasting respected schools such as the University of Houston, Texas Southern University, and Rice University, Houston is a compelling choice for post-graduation living, especially with an affordable average monthly rent of $1,136. The city offers an array of delicious restaurants and exciting activities, including visits to the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Space Center Houston, the Downtown Aquarium, and the vibrant Discovery Green.

With its diversity and liveliness, Houston emerges as an ideal destination for singles seeking love and a thriving lifestyle.

Modern-Day Dating Tips

Navigate the modern dating scene with confidence and ease using these contemporary dating tips:

  • There’s no shame in dating apps. Dating apps have transformed the dating world and modern dating experience. They connect you with a diverse range of people, expanding your social circles beyond what you might encounter naturally. You can be picky with your choices on dating apps much more than you can in reality.
  • Be yourself and be honest. Honesty and trust are the foundation for a strong relationship. White lies can have consequences and can hinder the growth of a genuine connection. You can’t expect a relationship to grow when a lie needs to be maintained. So if you want to form a genuine connection, you have to be genuine yourself.
  • Set boundaries and stick to them. Setting healthy boundaries involves determining what you will and will not compromise on in the relationship. A potential partner you want to invite into your life should be able to respect the boundaries that are set.
  • Ghosting is not OK most of the time. Ghosting is the act of abruptly cutting off all contact with someone. If you’ve been ghosted before, you know how much it can sting. Feeling the abrupt end of a relationship hurts, but if someone is consistently disrespecting your boundaries and you see major red flags, ghosting may be a reasonable option.

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