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How These 5 Businesses Utilize Self Storage to Maximize Space

May 30, 2023 | Business Storage

Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and operations managers would agree that change is the only constant thing in business. So if you’re wondering how your company can survive and thrive during economic ups and downs, one solution might be to utilize a temporary and affordable off-site storage solution. 

The convenience and affordability of secure self storage make it an attractive option for businesses not ready to commit to costly and often complicated commercial leases but need extra space to successfully manage changing conditions or growth cycles.

From home-based businesses and small startups to professional firms and large corporations, companies of all sizes and types can benefit from utilizing an off-site storage solution. Read on to discover how self storage can provide the features and flexibility to benefit your business strategy and growth plan. 

Retail Businesses

Self storage facilities have been a secure solution for people to store their personal belongings since the early seventies. However, in recent years there has been a growing trend for businesses to use self storage facilities by utilizing  them to serve as mini-warehouses that offer secure and climate-controlled spaces.  

Self storage units are a viable solution for storing everything from excess inventory and seasonal products to displays, fixtures, and other types of equipment. For example, retail companies typically require ample space to store their inventory, especially during peak seasons (typically October through December). However, if you’re a retailer in a tourist center, your peak seasons could be spring and summer.

Either way, month-to-month leasing, drive-up access, and 24-hour video surveillance are just a few included perks that make self storage a cost-effective solution for businesses requiring additional space.

Contractors and Construction Companies

Because job sites are usually not secure places to leave valuable items overnight, contractors and construction companies often need to temporarily store equipment, materials, and tools off-site. One solution is a conveniently located self storage facility with drive-up access allowing contractors to access these items quickly.

Furthermore, many storage facilities feature large commercial units acting as warehouses, which can serve as an infrastructure solution for managing building materials. For instance, materials that are only partially resistant to UV rays, including PEX tubing and PVC piping, should not be exposed to the elements before installation. 

Other ways contractors and construction companies can take advantage of the economic benefits of self storage facilities include vehicle storage. Whether to free up valuable space on your business properties or protect investments during the off-season, business owners can opt to store company vehicles, such as service trucks and trailers, in parking spaces allocated for boat and RV storage.

E-commerce Businesses

Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses, e-commerce businesses sell and ship their products online. Most e-commerce startups and some established ones aren’t willing to commit to long-term warehouse and office space leases for inventory management. 

As a result, e-commerce business owners wind up storing their goods in a garage, attic, basement, or wherever they can find space. Certainly not ideal during hot, humid summers or wet, cold winters. 

Self storage facilities make an ideal “hub” for storing your products before they are sold and shipped. Storage facilities like Metro accept deliveries and sell packing materials and boxes onsite. Self storage units can also be organized to manage things like returns, packaging, and shipping materials.

Small Businesses

Like other types of businesses, renting commercial warehouse and office space is expensive, especially for companies with limited budgets. As a temporary solution, self-storage units provide a more affordable alternative, allowing your business to save on rental expenditures.

Small businesses often need more space during growth phases. Self-storage allows companies to adjust their storage needs and changing requirements. Even so, small businesses need to evaluate their specific situation and consider factors such as location, security, pricing, and available amenities before selecting a self-storage facility that meets their needs. 

Equally important to all the advantages of self storage over commercial leases is security. State-of-the-art self-storage facilities provide 24-hour video surveillance, including features such as surveillance cameras, gated access, and individual locks. All of which helps give you as a business owner peace of mind.  

Professional Services

Professional service businesses, such as law firms, accounting firms, and medical practices, often require additional space to store files, records, and other documents. In addition, self storage can provide a secure location for storing these items, allowing business owners and managers to easily access the necessary documents without taking up valuable office space.

Another reason professional service businesses rely on self storage is during transitional phases. For example, suppose your business is moving to a new location or undergoing renovations. In that case, self storage temporarily keeps valuable assets secure and easily accessible during the transition.

In conclusion, self storage can provide a cost-effective and secure solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. The accessibility, convenience, and flexibility of off-site storage solutions can’t be overstated. From month-to-month leasing and online bill pay to extended access hours and even 24/7 access, the modern features and  amenities of today’s facilities offer businesses a new and exciting way to successfully manage change with these economic times.

Business Storage Solution at Metro

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When you choose Metro Self Storage, our friendly storage team will help you find the right business storage solution to meet your needs. With the convenience and flexibility of self storage, companies like yours can focus on what they do best—serving customers and growing their businesses. 

State-of-the-art amenities at our Class A facilities include 24-hour surveillance, online rentals, bill pay, onsite professionally trained storage teams, interior loading bays, drive-up access, climate-controlled units, and much more. 
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