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30 Mar
Woman deciding whether to upsize or downsize her storage unit.
Should You Upsize or Downsize Your Storage Unit? Here’s How to Decide
Storage Tips

If you’ve reached the crossroads of deciding whether or not to upsize or downsize your storage unit, now is a great time to take action. While there are plenty of situations where self storage comes in handy, it can be easy to lose track of time and what you have stored.  Maybe you’ve reached a...

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16 Mar
Mother wattering garden while daughter pots plants.
Early Spring Gardening Tips for Beginners
Storage Tips

After a long winter, spending more time outdoors is a welcoming thought for many around the country. The coming of a new season inspires us to spend more time in our backyards, and what could be better than growing a garden? We’ve got some spring gardening tips for first-timers that are sure to kick off...

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08 Mar
Branded Metro Self Storage boxes in an open storage unit.
Accessorizing Your Storage Unit: How to Organize for Frequent Access
Storage Tips

Everyone has belongings that they don’t use on a daily basis. Finding a home for everything can be frustrating for households lacking enough space. The solution? A clean, secure storage unit. So whether you’re living in an expensive metro or a are a family that is outgrowing their home, we’ve got some tips on organizing...

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01 Feb
Elderly man sitting on the floor next to his dog in front of several stacks of boxes.
Popular Reasons People Need Self Storage
Lifestyle Storage Tips

Why do people use storage? At Metro Self Storage, we help our customers organize their lives and belongings with clean, affordable self storage units in a variety of sizes. Whether it’s a temporary place to keep your belongings during a move across town or while house hunting, self storage units often provide a great alternative...

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14 Dec
Couple taking a selfie at Coney Island.
How Brooklyn Storage Lockers Make Your NYC Lifestyle More Fun
Storage Tips Your Local Metro

Everyone moving to a Brooklyn high-rise, historic bungalow, or studio apartment has one thing in common: the need for more storage space. That’s why convenient and affordable Brooklyn storage lockers can make your NYC lifestyle a little more fun and a lot more organized.  As New York City’s most populous borough, Brooklyn has transformed itself...

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07 Dec
An apartment with various shelves, drawers, and a table full of items.
How to Maximize Small Storage in New York
Storage Tips

As the most populated city in the United States, it should come as no surprise that space comes at a premium in New York City. With over 8 million people calling The Big Apple their home, many lofts and apartments in the city are naturally compact in size in order to make room for everyone. ...

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