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Get Your RV Ready for Spring Travel | Checklist and Tips

March 21, 2021 | Family Life

With warmer weather ahead, it’s time to get your RV ready for Spring travel. Whether you’re a snowbird, have a young family, or are somewhere in between on the journey of life, adventure is calling.

The Basic Preparation Checklist

  • Inspect the RV batteries and make sure they have a full charge
  • Inspect RV tires
  • Inspect the interior and exterior seams & seals
  • Check RV appliances for damage from rodents
  • Flush the RV water system and refill it with potable water
  • Check for any water or propane leaks
  • Check engine and generator fluids and replenish as needed
  • Perform A Full RV and Camper Safety Check

Inspect and Reconnect

The first step to de-winterizing your RV is to inspect it after winter storage. Remove all covers, including those for vents and tires.  Thoroughly check the interior windows and skylights seals for signs of any damage.

If you live in a midwest state like Minnesota, winters can pile over 2 feet of snow on your RV roof if you don’t have covered RV storage.

Long-time RVers recommend removing your vehicle’s batteries for winter storage. If you’ve done this, reconnect your batteries in your RV, paying close attention to the positive and negative ends.

Keep Those Tires Rollin

While your batteries are charging, it is an excellent time to inspect all of your RV’s tires. Proper inflation is critical for safety, especially oversized vehicles like RVs, trailers, campers, and vans.

Inspect your tire tread for wear and tear signs, including cracking, abrasion, and other signs of deterioration.

Inspect Your Rig’s Interior

RV ready beautiful interior

Before entering your RV, check to see if the steps need lubrication. Once inside, you’ll want to immediately open up the windows and skylights to let in some fresh air.

After long winter storage, unwanted smells can accumulate. Meanwhile, open up cupboards and your refrigerator and oven for any signs of damage or signs of rodents. Check the ceilings and floors for discoloration from possible water damage.

Also, check all of the seals surrounding windows and vents that could indicate any problems developed over the winter.

Get the Plumbing Ready

Open all faucets inside your RV before connecting a garden hose to your RV’s water hookup. If you have an exterior faucet, open it up too.

Let the freshwater flush the system thoroughly. Flush the toilet a couple of times to clear the sewer lines and wash out any remaining antifreeze. Watch for the water to go clear before shutting off faucets once the lines run clear.

This step usually takes about 10 minutes so keep an eye on your watch.

Sterilize Water Tanks

Use your rig’s recommended sterilization chemicals when cleaning water tanks. Flush the cleaning chemical through all pipes by running clean water through each faucet again.

Be sure to use enough water to flush the chemicals out thoroughly. Don’t forget to open your release valve in a sewer dump station when cleaning your black water tank!

Check for Gas Leaks

There are several connections and fittings that attach to your propane tank and propane system within your RV.

You can search for gas leaks yourself by using a leak detection fluid or a bottle of children’s blowing bubbles or soapy water. But first, make sure there are no open flames or possible ignition sources in the range of the propane tank(s).

Spray a small amount of soapy water at every single propane fitting. If you see bubbles, this indicates that you have a propane leak that you’ll need to have it fixed right away.

Also, be sure to check your RVs propane tank pressure gauge.

Once you’ve done all this, test out your electrical appliances ensure they are in working order.

Hit the Road

rv ready for beach travel adventure

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your RV checklist. Need some inspiration? Check out our beautiful drives along Texas RV Parks, and visit a Metro Self Storage to keep your seasonal camping gear outside of the house and reduce clutter.