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The Best Ways to Store Sentimental Belongings

September 12, 2020 | Storage Tips

There was never a need to store sentimental belongings in times past. Family photos and hand-made furniture were proudly on display in post-war and baby boomer American homes. Today, however, times have changed. Younger generations like Millennials are embracing the newest trend in home decor—minimalism. Even so, there are several reasons to store sentimental belongings.

In many American families, grandma’s china and hand-made quilts and furniture, and heirlooms are still passed from one generation to the next. Even so, there may be a reason these items might not fit into your home at the moment you inherit them. For those experiencing an unexpected life transition like the death of a parent, a grandparent, or moving back home, storing sentimental belongings can bring considerable peace of mind.

Let us show you some ways to keep your extra special belongings stored safely. Here are tips on how to temporarily store your things.

Sort and Label Your Sentimental Items Before Packing

Sometimes it feels impossible to make up your mind when it comes to letting go of treasured belongings. If you want to hang on to an item—is it worth paying for storage? Or should you just let it go? What do we do with all of those years of memories, nostalgia, and precious objects?

Keep in mind nostalgic items—like photos and hand-made family treasures are irreplaceable.

If you’re not in a mad rush, take the time to sort items you’ll keep with you, donate, give away, and store. Prioritize and label the things you plan to store.

Sorting items you plan to keep by size, weight, and category will make packing for short-term storage easier.

Also, don’t be afraid to get descriptive. Either write up a list or take a photo of each box’s contents to print out and place it in a protective sheet protector. Next, adhere your printout with movers tape to its respective box.

This will make organizing and accessing sentimental items so much easier. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you can efficiently declutter your sentimental belongings at a later date when you’ll be likely to let more things go.

Properly Pack Everything Before Storing

It’s important to feel calm and have a clear headspace when deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Sentimental belongings can stir up emotions, and not all of them are necessarily happy or positive, which could be a signal; it’s time to let go.

Clean nostalgic items your keeping to the best of your ability before storing them. If you’re placing clothing, linens, and other materials in boxes, look for stains and repairs. If possible, do the mending, laundering with care, and maybe even dry cleaning ahead of time.

Please don’t place smelly mothballs inside your boxes as they will permeate fabrics and materials with their peculiar odor.

While you can use a desiccant, a moisture absorbing pack, it’s best to find a secure, temperature-controlled storage unit to store your valuable items safely.

Why Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Climate-controlled storage units are designed to protect your sentimental belongings from the damage caused by heat and humidity and severe temperature swings.

Even though enclosed climate-controlled storage facilities near you are typically more expensive, they will keep you more comfortable when visiting your storage unit. Storage promotions can help offset the higher costs.

During the summer months, renting a basic storage unit might be sufficient for some items if you live in a temperate weather city. Humidity and heat can be extreme for those living in South or Midwest states making climate-controlled storage the clear choice.

Wherever Your Day Takes You, Metro Is On Your Way

Reducing clutter on surfaces, in cabinets, and on walls can be a big step towards feeling more productive. A professional stager or home organizer can help you eliminate clutter before moving to a new home. This is especially helpful for seniors, whether aging in place or downsizing to a smaller home.

For anyone experiencing a sudden life transition or moving back home with parents, there is no need to feel guilty about storing your sentimental things temporarily. Now that you have some ideas on how to free up space in your home, it’s time to get started! Find a Metro Self Storage location near you to store all of your sentimental items and your home will start to feel brand new before you know it.