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Great Winter Destinations To Visit with Your RV

September 29, 2023 | Travel Destinations

When RV enthusiasts and snowbirds want to escape icy roads and cold weather, they head south for the winter. Amongst the 10 best RV-friendly states are Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California, where the temperatures remain mild and pleasant during the winter months.

Besides inviting winter weather, each of these states averages around 50 national parks like Yellowstone, Everglades, Sequoias, and many more that offer a wealth of natural wonders, scenic routes, and other attractions. 

Recreational vehicles (RVs) have captivated the American population since Winnebago rolled off the factory line in 1966. RVs give us the freedom to venture away from everyday life with the comforts of home while experiencing the great outdoors and iconic destinations. 

Simply put, RVs represent wanderlust and the convenience of traveling on your own timeline. For younger generations, traveling America’s roads offers the flexibility to work remotely while exploring the great outdoors. Here are three of the top states for RVing this winter.


So many retirees travel to Texas every year that the state coined the term “Texas Snowbird.” The southern regions of Texas, such as the Gulf Coast and Southeast Texas, experience mild temperatures during winter, making it an attractive RV destination for anyone seeking to escape northern winter weather. 

Moreover, winter is an excellent time to find Texas RV parks and campgrounds that are less crowded, making it easier to make up your itinerary as you go. For snowbirds seeking modern conveniences, numerous Texas RV parks offer resort-style amenities like swimming pools, rec rooms, tennis courts, and dog parks.

The state’s diverse topography offers a mix of flatlands, hills, and mountains. Texas RV parks and campgrounds are often more affordable than those in more popular winter destinations like Florida, Arizona, and California. This affordability makes it an attractive choice for the budget-conscious RVer. Additionally, Texas has over 70 state parks with campgrounds, many featuring RV hookups for water, electricity, and sewer.

The Gulf Coast of Texas is loved for its year-round sun, palm trees, and sandy Gulf Coast beaches. Driving to Gulf Coast RV resorts and campgrounds will be flatter with vast plains and gently rolling hills. 

The Hill Country is the central region of Texas characterized by rolling hills and curvy canyon roads, offering more scenic landscapes and vistas for the experienced RVer. The Lone Star State is also home to big cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston, so there’s plenty of RV camping around these popular destinations too. 

Knowing about Texas Safety Rest Areas is crucial when embarking on a road trip through the Lone Star State, especially for those traveling in RVs or towing travel trailers. These rest areas offer a valuable respite if you start to feel fatigue setting in on the road.


From luxury resort-style RV parks to hidden gems for RV travelers, the Sunshine State is chock full of options for every lifestyle. Florida is generally considered a flat state, so you can travel through vast stretches of easy-to-navigate roadways that lead to national parks, beaches, and theme parks. The southern tip of the state is home to Everglades National Park, which ranks as one of the most visited parks in the country. 

On average, Florida has the mildest winters in the U.S., with daytime temps averaging 65 °F to 72 °F. However, remember that Florida is 447 miles long and 391 miles wide, meaning temperatures fluctuate significantly between the northern and southern parts of the state. Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches offer white sands, emerald waters, and stunning sunsets, attracting RVers from all over the country.

RVing in Florida can quickly become expensive, especially if you plan to stay through winter. Prices can range from $500 – $1500 per month at RV Parks, depending on amenities such as hookups, clubhouses, etc., and whether or not you’re on the beach. However, you should be able to find deals in northern and southern Florida during their shoulder seasons: September through November.

If you’re looking to set down roots while you’re on the road, around 67 counties in Florida allow full-time RV living. Along with Texas, Florida ranks high for RV living due to its low-income taxes and mail-forwarding laws, making it ideal for establishing a home base no matter where you want to explore.


Georgia experiences good weather year-round, making it the ideal winter destination when the snow is blasting the north. The southern part of the Peach State, including cities like Savannah and Brunswick, experiences relatively mild winters, with average daytime temperatures ranging from 50 °F to 60 °F. 

Georgia is home to numerous state parks, historic sites, wildlife refuges, and forests. RV parks and campgrounds in Georgia remain open year-round, providing amenities and facilities for travelers even in the colder months. The southern and coastal regions are also popular with budget-minded RVers who want to avoid the more crowded campgrounds and RV parks further south. 

For outdoor adventures, you can take your RV to these top places in Georgia: Toccoa Valley Campground in Blue Ridge; Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth; Vogel State Park (named Best State Park for Rivers by USA Today); Cedar Creek RV & Outdoor Center in Cave Spring; and Cherokee Campground in Sautee Nacoochee.

Don’t miss one of Georgia’s most beautiful and scenic coastal routes. The “Coastal Georgia Scenic Highway,” is also known as Georgia State Route 17 (SR 17). This route takes you along the state’s southeastern coast, where you’ll encounter breathtaking views of coastal marshes, rivers, and estuaries. 

RV Safety Tips

Every River understands the importance of safety while traveling, such as being mindful of your RV’s size and weight, allowing for increased braking distance, and having space for taking wide turns.

And even though your RV winter destinations may have milder weather than back home, staying informed about road conditions and planning routes suitable for RV travel, and avoiding low bridges are a daily part of the RV lifestyle. 

So before hitting the road, double-check all connections, secure loose items, and confirm the proper functioning of safety features like smoke detectors and emergency exits. Remembering these tips will ensure your rig will be ready to go whenever you explore the great American landscapes. 

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