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5 Reasons Busy Moms Turn to Self Storage to Make Life More Manageable

February 9, 2020 | Business Storage

According to research, today’s mothers are more prepared than their mothers and grandmothers were. The average age of first-time mothers is now 26 because women are graduating from college and joining the workforce before having their first child. Even so, managing your time as a mother is very different than managing your time as a student or a successful businesswoman.

Whether or not you plan to return to work after having a baby, modern moms hold down several jobs at once. One way to help keep life more manageable and less chaotic is keeping your home decluttered. Renting a temporary self stoarge unit can help make that task easier.

While self storage isn’t the answer to all of the challenges of being a busy mom, it can take the edge off of your space crunch.

1. Store baby gear in between children

Storing baby gear and clothing in between children is a great idea for new moms that are planning to have more children. Never have new parents been faced with so many options (and temptations) to buy things for their new baby! There is no shortage of online baby stores. From the best baby toys and high chairs to bathtime and toys and baby monitors, the cost to raise a child continues to climb.

Storing baby items in a clean, secure storage unit can save you a lot of time researching and shopping for baby items for a second time when baby number two is on the way.

2. Create space for your new baby

Whether you life in a tiny apartment or a 2-bedroom home, creating space for baby can be a challenge. A baby registry certainly helps with choosing the right accessories and necessities to fit your space. Even so, making room for a new baby requires a significant amount of space.

Converting a guest room or home office into a baby’s room means rethinking how to utilize the spaces in your home.

If you’re not ready to sell or donate home office or guest room furniture and art, renting a small, 5X5 storage unit can come in handy. This is especially true if you’re planning to upsize your home at some point soon.

3. Make moving into a new home easier

When moving with a newborn baby, consider creating two moving phases. In the first phase, move only essential items like furniture, linens, kitchenware, and clothing to lessen the burden of unpacking.

Frequently, there is a gap between moving out of your old home and into your new one. Finding temporary housing between homes can be a challenge that is made easier by renting a storage unit, so you’re not unpacking and repacking an entire household.

4. Maintain recreational gear and seasonal items

Not unlike a newborn’s layette, living an active lifestyle can require a lot of different types of recreational gear for families. From bulky winter jackets for winter activities to jogging strollers for spring and summer adventures, finding space for all of these items in your home year-round can be a challenge.

Other items that busy moms can utilize storage for are holiday storage and seasonal decorations. If you live in a region of the country that experiences extreme heat and humidity, then the garage, basement, and attic may not be an option.

Renting a small, temporary storage unit is also a great option for apartment dwellers and homeowners who do not have garages or extra space in a small home for year-round storage of recreational and seasonal gear.

5. Self storage can open up new avenues of aspiration

Many women have discovered that becoming a new mom is an opportunity to start a new business or searching for a job with more flexibility. Experts advise keeping “slow and steady wins the race” in mind. Also, passion can triumph experience.

For example, if you’re opening an Etsy shop and need clean, secure storage that includes free delivery acceptance, Metro Self Storage can help bridge the gap between starting a new business and when the day comes to rent your own office space.

Why Utilize a Storage Unit from Metro as a Mom

Professional home organizers and life coaches all agree, that living in organized spaces is the key to success and happiness.

Here at Metro Self Storage, we offer well lit, convenient, and budget-friendly self storage units that are ideal for everything from extra furniture and family heirlooms to seasonal clothing and collectibles. Because you can rents units on a month-to-month basis, there is no need to commit to long-term leases. Check out all of the types of storage solutions we offer at all of our locations to find the size that’s right for you.