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RV Destinations for Minneapolis Locals

June 25, 2024 | Lifestyle

Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota, especially in the Twin Cities, can prove to be a great place for RV owners to call home. Yet with so many options in and around the Minneapolis area, finding the right stop for your RV camping trip can prove to be a more difficult task than first expected. Thankfully, our team is here to help!

Since each state park and campground provides a different set of amenities and brings you closer to differing Minneapolis attractions, it’s best to know what you want and which RV destination best aligns with your vacation desires.

In this blog post, our team at Metro Self Storage will show you some of the best state parks in Minnesota, specifically state parks near Minneapolis, for you to explore on your next RV camping trip.

1. Minnehaha Regional Park

Near the heart of downtown Minneapolis, you’ll find Minnehaha Regional Park. This riverfront destination is filled to the brim with scenic trails, amenities, and event spaces. For you and your RV, there are dedicated places for you to park your ride (with the acquisition of a parking permit) all while allowing you to explore this lavish area. We recommend you catch a glimpse of the famed Minnehaha Falls during your visit.

2. Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve

Looking for something further out? Not far from Bloomington sits the natural terrain of the Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve. Unlike the proximity to downtown through Minnehaha Park, this serene landscape is more in tune with nature and has become a popular bird and wildlife-watching spot.

Similar to Minnehaha Park, there are dedicated campsites in the park’s southern areas for you to bring your RV and enjoy the Minnesota wilderness.

Shot of the Minnehaha Falls at Minnehaha Regional Park in Minneapolis, MN.

3. Cleary Lake Regional Park

Close to Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve is another natural gem of the Minneapolis area in Cleary Lake Regional Park. With RV campsites not far from the shores of Cleary Lake, this park is one of the most popular year-round destinations throughout the southern parts of the metro for folks to visit.

From relaxing at Cleary Lake Beach to getting a swing in at the on-site golf course, there are plenty of activities to satisfy many kinds of outdoor enthusiasts.

4. Lake Auburn Campground – Carver Park Reserve

Do you want an RV destination located in the western parts of the metro? Look no further than Lake Auburn Campground. Across 57 sites are plenty of RV campgrounds for you to reserve. On top of the amenities of the campground, including Lake Auburn, none are more prominent than the proximity to Carver Park Reserve. Take advantage of both the Lowry Nature Center and the many nature trails for the chance to see wildlife such as barred owls, trumpeter swans, and more.

5. Baker Park Reserve

Going up to the northwestern areas of the metro, you’ll discover Baker Park Reserve. Encompassing a sprawling 2,700 acres of land, this preserve provides you with a perfect blend of urban access and a taste of the great outdoors. Plenty of activities can be done throughout the park, from taking a dip in Lake Independence to long and pleasant hikes. Additionally, you can also challenge your friends and family to a game of golf at the on-site course.

6. Elm Canal Park Reserve

Maybe you want even more land to trek than what Baker Park Reserve has to offer. Then consider traveling further up Interstate 494 to Elm Canal Park Reserve. Spanning a jaw-dropping 4,900 acres, this lush area is stuffed with countless amenities and activities such as a disc golf course, nature center, and miles of hiking trails.

Looking for a place to stay with your RV? Consider exploring the Minneapolis Northwest KOA Journey found right down the highway.

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RV Travel and Safety Tips

Once you have decided on what your plans for travel are, it’s time to start preparing for your upcoming trip! To help you get on your adventure as soon as possible, here are some tips on RV travel and safety for your benefit:

  • Book and pay for your campground ahead of time.
  • Pack all the belongings you need before you set out.
  • Inspect your RV’s tires.
  • Thoroughly check your RV’s interior and exterior.
  • Perform a safety check of your RV’s appliances.
  • Flush the RV water system and refill with it potable water.
  • Check the engine and generator fluids. Replenish if needed.

A great resource to have is a place to keep your RV stored when it’s not in use. The better your RV is protected, the better its ability to run and take you on your adventures. For the best protection on your vehicle, rent RV storage. After all, the perfect RV storage space will provide your vehicle with the right amount of space and protection it needs to get through the offseason.

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