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How To Know if Your Growing Business Is Ready for an Office Upgrade

March 7, 2023 | Business Storage

Is business booming? While an increase in business can mean so many incredible things for you, your company, and your employees, it can also present a new set of challenges—and one in particular is where to put everything.

While a major increase in work staffing and equipment used to mean an inevitable need to move into a bigger office space, you might be better off to opt for business storage opportunities instead of dealing with a potentially stressful office move. Here are a few things to consider when trying to decide if it’s time to upgrade your office space.

Meeting Spaces Are Hard To Come By

More business means more employees. A larger workforce often means more business. However, more business and more employees also mean more meetings, which can also mean more need for meeting rooms. Not only has your office floor, refrigerator, and line for the bathroom become overrun by an increased employee count, but meetings are being rescheduled due to a lack of meeting space. If this is the situation you’re in, odds are it’s time to upgrade your office space to something that offers more room for you to grow.

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Your Workspaces Are Overcrowded

Not only can it be challenging to find appropriate meeting space, but it can also be challenging to find desk space for your recently increased workforce. You might consider decreasing those cubicles from an 8×8 layout to a 6×6 layout to make up for the new additions. You also might consider offering more work-from-home opportunities to free up desk space for incoming employees who need the office space to settle into their new roles.

No matter the direction you take, it’s important that your employees feel comfortable in their space. An overcrowded office is going to hurt productivity and efficiency. While moving into a new office or renting a storage space might be an expense to consider, it’s worth noting that an increase in productivity and efficiency is always good for business.

Need To Modernize Office Space

Clients, partners, and employees are drawn to your business because of you, the people, and product that you offer. However, a quality office space goes a long way toward convincing people that this is where they want to invest their time and money. A modern office can also go a long way toward employee retention and boosting morale for your team by creating a space that energizes your team. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a modern office space that your team loves:

  • Increase natural light in the office. Make sure your space has access to enough natural light to keep your employees, and desk plants, energized and fresh.
  • Open desk setup. Some people love cubicles and the privacy that comes with them. However, some are drawn to a more open setup that encourages more collaboration between working spaces. Which one benefits your work culture the most?
  • Meeting spaces. The number of meeting spaces is one thing, but how are they being used? Can you meet all of your tech needs with your current office space, or do you need to add to your tech stack and tech capabilities?
  • Kitchen and cafe space. Eight, sometimes nine hours at your desk can get tedious at times. That’s why some people like to work in coffee shops. Try and provide some space in your office that mimics the coffee shop vibes for your workers to escape to while still staying in the building.
  • Play that funky music. The sound of hundreds of keyboards can be frustrating, and everyone wearing headphones can reduce collaboration. Consider setting up speakers and play a communal employee playlist throughout workspaces to keep your space lively and exciting.

You might find that your current space is too small to truly modernize it the way you want. If this is the case, it might be time to look into new spaces. A fresh start at an office allows you to gradually modernize and grow into a new space that excites your team.

In any circumstance, upgrading your office is never your only option. You might find that simply renting convenient and climate-controlled storage space will provide the space you need to modernize your current office space. Whether you’re storing new decor and equipment while you figure out the arrangements or are storing surplus items that aren’t being used as consistently as they used to be, you can create the new and exciting office space your team needs without going through the stress and challenges of changing spaces completely.

An empty office space with sketch designs on top of a modern office layout.

Lack of Storage Space

Whether you are an entrepreneur who’s been working out of your basement apartment for months or a Fortune 100 business, everyone seems to wish they had just a little more space. If you’re welcoming a plethora of new hires, odds are you are going to have to stock up on desks, new computers, and new hire swag. These scenarios might mean you are ready for an office space upgrade, but it also might mean you need to invest in some commercial storage space with Metro Storage.

Office clutter in preparation for an expected mass onboarding could be a valuable reason to upgrade your overall office space to one with dedicated areas for your merch, tech equipment, and other various employee essentials. However, some of these stored items might be handed out in the coming months, and you might see that space go unused. Instead, opting for storage units for your business allows you to keep your items in a separate but protected space. It’s important to not choose just any unit to keep your valuable business items. Instead, prioritize finding climate-controlled storage that will maintain a consistent year-round temperature. If you are in an area that has extremely cold winters or extremely hot summers, you will be glad you opted to store your tech equipment in a consistent environment that minimizes warping, cracking, and malfunctioning.

Grow Your Business With Metro Self Storage

If you have decided it’s time for your business to take your next big step and move to an upgraded space, congratulations! Learn more about the best ways to reduce stress during that upcoming office move. If you’ve decided you aren’t quite ready for that big move, don’t worry. There are still ways to clean up that office space with Metro Self Storage’s business storage solutions. From package acceptance to covered loading bays, we have plenty of features to help your solo venture or corporate enterprise thrive. Find a storage unit near you to get on your way to a clutter-free and efficient office today!