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Why People Love Living in Naperville, IL

May 21, 2024 | Lifestyle

People love living in Naperville for its exceptional quality of life and vibrant community atmosphere. So it’s no wonder Naperville is recognized and ranked year after year as one of the best cities in America to settle down, raise a family, and retire. Naperville offers a fantastic quality of life with its unique blend of small-town charm combined with the vibrancy of a bigger city. Plus, its proximity to Chicago—36 miles by car and 1 hour by train—offers even more culture, arts, and job prospects to anyone considering moving here.

With its moderate Midwestern climate, you can enjoy the beauty of all four seasons, from sunny summers perfect for outdoor activities to picturesque winters ideal for planning an outdoor activity like sledding or ice skating. Spring and fall are also lovely times of the year to live in Naperville. So, whether you already live in the Midwest or are considering moving here, take advantage of this opportunity to add Naperville to your list of cities to explore.

Naperville is Ideal for Families

Naperville consistently ranks as one of the best towns in America. And recently,, a popular neighborhood website, ranked Naperville as “The Best Cities to Raise a Family in America.” It’s an ideal town for families to raise their kids and anyone looking for the “perfect town.” It checks all the boxes. For example, the city boasts top-notch public schools renowned for their academic excellence and supportive environments. Additionally, Naperville offers a family-friendly atmosphere, with year-round outdoor activities and well-maintained neighborhoods. Good job prospects and a vibrant nightlife also rank highly for a small town.

Wondering About Naperville’s Major Industries and Employers?

Before moving to a new city, it’s good to know the job prospects once you get there—if you aren’t already working remotely. While not always the case, the best job markets are often in large metropolitan areas, including close-in suburbs. Also, cities with colleges, healthcare centers, or tech hubs tend to be better job markets due to a multitude of job options. Naperville has all of these things going for it.

Edward Hospital & Health Services: A leading healthcare provider in Naperville, Edward Hospital offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including advanced treatments and state-of-the-art facilities.

Nokia: As a global leader in telecommunications, Nokia’s Naperville location focuses on research, development, and innovation in wireless communication technologies.

Nicor Gas: As the largest natural gas distributor in Illinois, Nicor Gas provides reliable and affordable natural gas services to homes and businesses throughout Naperville and surrounding areas.

Indian Prairie School District 204: One of the largest school districts in Illinois, District 204 encompasses numerous elementary, middle, and high schools dedicated to providing quality education to Naperville students.

North Central College: A prestigious liberal arts institution, North Central College offers diverse undergraduate and graduate programs, fostering academic excellence and intellectual growth in Naperville.

Naperville Community Unit School District 203: Comprising multiple elementary, middle, and high schools, District 203 is committed to delivering exceptional education and fostering student success within the Naperville community.

BP America: With a significant presence in Naperville, BP America is involved in various aspects of the energy industry, including exploration, production, refining, and marketing of petroleum products.

Navistar International Corporation: A leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles and diesel engines, Navistar’s Naperville facility focuses on research, development, and engineering to drive innovation in transportation solutions.

City of Naperville: As the local government entity, the City of Naperville oversees municipal services and operations and works to enhance residents’ quality of life through effective governance and community development initiatives.

Naperville Hilton Hotel: Situated in the heart of Naperville, the Hilton Hotel offers upscale accommodations, modern amenities, and exceptional hospitality, catering to business travelers, tourists, and local visitors alike.

What is the weather like in Naperville? 

Naperville could be the ideal place to call home for anyone who loves the four seasons. Springtimes are mild, with occasional showers bringing fresh blooms and vibrant greenery to the area. Naperville’s sunny season is perfect for outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and biking from late spring through summer. Fall is a spectacular time when the foliage begins to change, painting the landscape with red, orange, and yellow hues.

Summer High: Highs typically range from 80°F to 90°F

Spring: Highs range from 50°F to 70°F 

Winter Lows: Mid-teens to the mid-20s°F

Winter Highs: Highs range from 30°F to 40°F 

Fall: Range from 60°F to 70°F

Snowfall: Up to 29 inches of snow per year

Rain: Naperville averages 39 inches of rain a year

Sunny Days: On average, Naperville has 189 sunny days per year.

When Naperville becomes a snowy wonderland, it hosts several holiday-themed events, including European-inspired night markets in winter. It’s also the time of year when winter adventurers love to bundle up for outdoor activities like sledding, ice skating, and skiing. And it can be the perfect time of year for exploring local museums.

Why Everyone Loves to Shop in Naperville!

Downtown Naperville is the ultimate shopping destination in the Chicagoland area, offering a memorable experience year-round. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s famous chain stores or unique local boutiques, Naperville’s downtown shopping districts cater to all. With plenty of dining options to choose from, the most challenging decision you’ll make is where to eat. Naperville’s Riverwalk is a picturesque pathway running along the banks of the DuPage River. Beloved by residents and visitors alike, it provides a tranquil retreat in the heart of the city.

Naperville Offers Plenty of Family-Friendly Activities

Centennial Beach is a cherished summer destination, nestled along the DuPage River on the Downtown Naperville Riverwalk. Once an abandoned limestone quarry, it’s a picturesque spot for sunbathing and swimming, attracting families and tourists with its historic charm, expansive lawns, and shady trees.

Naperville and its surroundings abound with family-friendly activities. Families can explore the picturesque Naperville Riverwalk, enjoy the DuPage Children’s Museum’s interactive exhibits, and embrace nature at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve and Knoch Knolls Nature Center. Indoor entertainment options like Odyssey Fun World and Bowlero Naperville provide endless fun for all ages.

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