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Working from Home | How to Set Yourself Up for Success

January 18, 2022 | Lifestyle

While we understand that the pandemic has fundamentally changed our workplaces, many wonder if working remotely is the new normal. It would certainly appear that remote working, flexible working, and hybrid working are all here to stay. 

Some of us worked remotely before the pandemic. For others, working from home was a new experience and seemed like a luxury at first. But research is revealing that working alone all day can lead to a new type of burnout. 

Remote working requires discipline, balance, and self-care, and in some cases, it can be lonely. So if you’re still struggling with some of the WFH headaches that started back in the Spring of 2020, you’re not alone. If one thing is for sure, it’s that we don’t have it completely figured out yet.

Here are a few ways to not only survive but thrive in the coming months, whether you’re working from home or trying out the new hybrid work model.  

Correct the Work-Life Unbalance

One advantage of traditional onsite work is the unmistakable boundary between work life and home life. The importance of separating your work office from your living space can’t be overstated. Doing this helps prevent burnout by making the transition of leaving work for the day easier.

However, for apartment dwellers and young professionals with roommates, designating another room or private space for a home office can be a challenge or even impossible to do. Unfortunately, you may feel obligated to be “on” at all times if your remote work environment is constantly staring you in the face. 

Whether you’re living with roommates, raising a family, or living alone, mental health experts suggest shutting down your computer at the end of the workday, limiting device time after work, and creating an evening self-care routine. 

If your fitness routine or other positive habits have fallen by the wayside, restart it by doing them for five minutes. Mini workouts, yoga, or meditation sessions are better than nothing; it’s easier to convince ourselves to do something for five minutes rather than thirty. 

Create a Dedicated Schedule 

There are several ways to protect the boundaries between work life and home life, even if they’re in the same space. For example, creating schedules for both your workday and home life can be a real game-changer if you haven’t already done so. 

Besides work meetings and appointments, calendar the time and set reminders daily to ensure you create the space needed for your self-care routine. In other words, don’t leave taking care of yourself to chance. Start out by managing your personal time, much like you manage your workday.

Many companies offer a flexible work structure—working from home for part of the week and in the office on the other workdays. It sounds ideal, just as working remotely did at the beginning. Time will tell what, if any, challenges will come with hybrid and flexible working. 

Regardless of your situation, having your work-from-home routine dialed in will make transitioning back to the office two or three days a week easier. It will also give you the freedom to add more variety to your week, which is something we’ve all been craving during the pandemic.

Shake Up Your Self-Care Routine

Research suggests that altering routines may help us stay on track in the long run. Especially when we’re feeling bored or have stopped some part of our routines like an early morning workout or afternoon run. 

The pandemic and working from home brought greater emphasis on the self-care movement, which is about taking time to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Here is an example of what a morning self-care routine looks like:

  • Wake up an hour early to meditate or do yoga, and drink a large glass of water before coffee and breakfast.
  • Exercise can be included in your morning or evening routine—walking, running, or doing an online HIIT workout will keep endorphins flowing. Just remember to add this into your calendar just as you would for any other time commitment.
  • Write down your list of goals for the day and visualize their outcomes.

If you’re moving from remote working to hybrid or flexible working by going back into the office a few days a week, stay focused on any new routines before adding anything else. 

Switch up your work Environment 

While there is no disputing that having a designated workspace or office in your home is optimal, working from home doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. In other words, if your workspace isn’t inspiring, consider changing it up. 

Can you create a backyard or balcony office space to work from on beautiful days? Is there a nearby coffee shop or cafe with WiFi where you could schedule a few hours of work on days you don’t have Zoom meetings? 

Another way to change your workday at home is to pack your favorite lunch the night before. It may seem silly, but you may not have time to prepare a healthful meal on busy Zoom meeting days. And, it will feel like a luxury to have a healthy meal ready to grab and go. 

In Summary

If there is one thing we’ve learned since the pandemic began, it’s that working from home comes with challenges. Some people have discovered they thrive in a remote setting, while others feel isolated and continue to struggle to balance their lives. 

Either way, taking the time to re-evaluate and establish or tweak your self-care routines while working from home is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success and keep burnout at bay.

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